"I am never quite sure if I should be calling this a cake or a tart but in any event, it is delicious and quite easy to make. The origins of the recipe are from Tuscany in Italy but I like to use highly perfumed Irish dessert apples when in season"
  • 2 min read
I think the unexpected flavours here are delicious. You will need to be brave when grilling the scallions as it is crucial to leave them under the grill for long enough for them to both tenderize and colour sufficiently. I like the green ends of some of the scallions to be cooked until quite charred. As this dish is being served as a starter in this meal, I have allowed just half an egg per serving. If you would like to serve this as a lunch or supper dish you could serve one egg per person and instead of the hard boiled egg suggested here, I sometimes served a soft poached and that too is very good.
  • 2 min read
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