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Pack your picnic!

Pack your picnic!

It’s a whole new world…and it’s outdoors! Welcome to the year of Dining Al Fresco!

We have picnic foods that pack a punch, essentials to pack whether you are going to hit the beach, get in a hilltop hike or relax in the back garden.

Pack your picnic

Nothing worse than a soggy ham sandwich, instead pack some blaas and crackers which can be topped and filled at whatever beautiful setting you have decamped to!

We recommend:

Pack your picnic 2

Add lots of flavour! Portable pots and packs of great tasting ingredients to make a glorious spread.

Pack your picnic 3

Then use salad and veg for freshness and crunch:

Pack your picnic 4

Don't forget the condiments and bump up the flavour further!

Pack your picnic 5

Chill out with some cool summer drinks, we love;


Pack your picnic 6

Finish off with some freshly baked treats from our kitchen like Rocky Road or Chocolate Brownies

What are you waiting for? Grab your blanket, get out in the fresh air, find your perfect spot and connect with friends and family this weekend.

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