BiaSol - leading the way with sustainable nutrition

BiaSol Morning Glory Grains

Looking for a way to boost your nutrition and be good to the planet in one simple and delicious way? BiaSol have you covered.

Started by sibling team Niamh and Ruairi, BiaSol aims to combat food wastage by utilising brewers’ spent grain to produce an innovative range of products that will significantly boost your fibre, prebiotic, protein and B vitamin intake.  Did you know that 75% of Irish adults do not meet the RDA of fibre?  Growing evidence shows that increasing your intake of this non-digestible carbohydrate will hugely benefit your digestion and reduce your risk of chronic disease.  Biasol is leading the way in upcycling food to produce products that can have a real, positive impact on your health.

This is sustainable nutrition at its best!

The range currently boasts two types of products: Mixes that require some simple additions and result in delicious home bakes or Grains that can be added to breakfasts or baked items.

Lift your pancake game by adding some milk and an egg to the BiaSol Protein Pancake Mix 145g and enjoy a healthy breakfast full of good-for-you ingredients.

BiaSol Protein Pancake Mix 145g

 Who doesn't love a scone?  BiaSol Super Scone Mix 400g packs a nutritional punch, giving you more than just delicious home baked goodness.

BiaSol Super Scone Mix 400g

Give this BiaSol Crafty Cookie Mix 400g a go and be won over by the subtle malty flavour of your new favourite cookie.

BiaSol Crafty Cookie Mix 400g

BiaSol Soda Bread Mix 475g gives a new spin on an old favourite.

BiaSol Granny's Soda Bread Mix 475g

Add flavour, protein and fibre to your breakfast with BiaSol Morning Glory Grains 200g.

BiaSol Morning Glory Grains 200g

Sustainable baking made easy! BiaSol Whole Fibre Grains 200g will not only add a nutty and sweet flavour but also a whole lot of nutritional goodness.

 BiaSol Whole Fibre Grains 200g

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