laid back drinks of the Summer

laid back drinks of the Summer

Chill out, as we give you the run down on our laid-back Summer sippers...

Viking Irish Cider Medium Dry Orchard Cuvée
Hand-crafted in David Dennison's Waterford cidery, this cuvée is a careful blend of organically grown traditional cider apples which are slowly naturally fermented in 1000 litre tanks and aged for a minimum of six months before bottling. Medium to medium dry with fresh apple notes that are brought together with a bitter-sweet finish.

Killahora Pom’O, Roe & Co cask matured Limited Edition 500ml
An alluring nose of butterscotch, warm toffee apples with cloves and strawberries which is married beautifully with notes of mint and fennel. On the palate it finishes with indulgent notes of macerated cherries, orange peel and creamy malt. Delicious aperitif served simply on the rocks

Hopfully Kickback Extra Pale Ale
Crisp, clean, refreshing and made for the Summer.
Notes of apricot, green grapes, and citrus, this easy going Extra Pale Ale is the perfect match for a BBQ with friends or just to kickback and relax with. The cool artwork gives you a good indication of how to consume!
It's also gluten free!

Ór Valentia Island Vermouth
Vermouth is a key ingredient in some of our favourite cocktails, be it a martini, negroni or a Manhattan but Ór with it's rich caramel and vanilla flavours mingled with coconut and aromatic herbs and spices is simply perfect served over tonic water and ice with a twist of orange for garnish!
Golden in colour it is made from 20 botanicals including locally foraged plants and herbs and also so very on trend this Summer

Craft Cocktails
100% Irish and made with only natural ingredients, there's a Craft Cocktail for every palate, from summery sippers, to fruity crowd-pleasers, to smoky grown up drinks. We admit we're a little partial to their fun Strawberry Daiquiri; the original white rum recipe and added a seasonal twist with some fresh strawberry. But you'll also find Cosmo, Margarita, Martini, Old Fashioned and Whisky Sour in the series.

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