How Ardkeen Quality Food Store is preparing for a more eco friendly future

How Ardkeen Quality Food Store is preparing for a more eco friendly future

Here at Ardkeen, we are passionate about making sustainability an integral part of our business, both behind the scenes and with the products you will find on our shelves.

Sourcing quality food close to us is important as we work to lower our overall carbon footprint.  That's why our shelves and online store are packed full of Irish artisan produce.  Not only does supporting Irish mean a healthier economy, but some of our producers have taken sustainability a step further and are letting it sit at the heart of their values.

Chef Giselle Makindehas founded Dublin based company Cream Of The Crop, specialising in Artisan Gelatos operating with a zero waste, more taste ethos. Giselle and her team are battling food waste by using surplus ingredients that would otherwise end up in landfills and transforming them into delicious Gelato,Sorbet and other delicious products likeBananitas - a delicious and nutritious snack made with surplus bananas! 

                          Cream of the Crop at Ardkeen Quality Food Store 

Nobó [No "Bó" [cow 'as Gaeilge'!], are dedicated to creating dairy-free healthy versions of the foods we all love. Not only do we stock their delicious alternative to dairy ice cream [so creamy and indulgent], we also stock their fabulous range of plant based chocolate bars and nut spreads.

 Nobo at Ardkeen Quality Food Store  Nobo Sweet Orange at Ardkeen Quality Food Store  Nobo Roasted Almond Spread at Ardkeen Quality Food Store

BiaSol is leading the way in upcycling food to make products that can have a real, positive impact on your health.  Started by siblings Niamh and Ruairi Dooley, they realised the surge in craft beer was resulting in brewers' spent grains going to waste.  These grains have now been incoporated into their range of products that will also significantly boost your fiber, prebiotic, protein and B vitamin intake. Win, Win!

   BiaSol at Ardkeen Quality Food Store  

When you place an order on, your order will be carefully packaged with sustainable materials. We use only eco-friendly wrapping which is 100% recyclable, biodegradable or re-usable, and with no plastic.  The same considered approach applies with our range of hampers; our eco-friendly packaging and embelishments ensure the recipient knows this is a well thought out gift with them and our planet in mind.



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