Christmas Turkey Tips! by Martin Dwyer

Martin Dwyer

We all love Turkey at Christmas but if you haven't cooked it before - you're sure to have a few questions. Martin Dwyer will answer them all for you right here!

10 Tips For Turkey Success

1. Always remove the giblets and the neck before seasoning and roasting.

2. Remove the turkey from the refrigerator about one hour before placing it in the oven.

3. While preparing the turkey take care that raw juices do not come into contact with other foods. Wash your hands, knives, cutting boards and counter often with hot water.

4. Brush the bird generously with butter before roasting to assist in browning and to give flavour.

5. If you are cooking your turkey on a rack you could put some white wine in the bottom of the tray for extra flavour.

6. Roast the bird with the breast side down for the first hour to ensure that it stays moist.

7. Don’t open the oven door unless you have to. You loose about 10 mins. cooking every time you do.

8. Use a meat thermometer for best results. When done the breast temp should be 170 degrees.

9. Save all your drippings for gravy.

10. Allow the bird to rest for 20 mins after cooking. This redistributes the juices and simplifies the carving.

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