Inch House Black Pudding - the secret is out!

Inch House Black Pudding - the secret is out!

Many of our small batch producers are small family based businesses with little or no marketing experience or budget. These guys work long hard hours not only producing some of Ireland's best food and drink but struggling to compete in a market where convenience and price are king. So, when an internationally renowned culinary guru sits up and takes notice of one of them we are on our feet cheering on! That's exactly what happened this weekend when Nigella Lawson with 2.6 million Twitter followers and prompted by food bloggers The GastroGays, endorsed Máirín Egans Inch House Black Pudding! 

"Oh,@Inchhouse - I have just had your black pudding (with fried egg and smokey red pepper sauce) and yes, it’s as good as @GastroGays told me it was. What joy. Thank you."

Nigella Lawson Tweet

We have stocked this wonderful black pudding since 2009. Made with traditonal methods by Máirín Egan from a family recipe handed down from grandmother to mother and daughter. Not just a traditional Irish breakfast food, it makes an amazing starter perhaps accompanied by scallops or combined with apple as stuffing for roast fillet of pork/chicken. So now the secret is out and everybody...well 2.6 million anyway, know about one of the most delicious, flavoursome and unique Irish foods available on!

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