Hopfully Brewing Company

Brewing out of Co. Waterford, Ireland, Hopfully was founded in 2017 by 3 friends with a shared love for beer, art, and food. Hopfully Brewing aims to bring it all together to the public in innovative ways. The company combines modern brewing and blending with visual arts. Passionate about working with vibrant fresh talents in Ireland, the brewery works directly with up-and-coming artists.


"We founded Hopfully with the mission to create a series of beers that would introduce distinctive flavors and would give emerging local artists a platform to showcase their work".


Hopfully want to inspire collaboration among a wide variety of talented people, primarily to promote who they are and what they do, helping to facilitate the dawn of a new connected and innovative creative community. Not only does Hopfully aim to promote the work of individual artists, but they are also committed to building an interdisciplinary network of creative people.

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