Freezin' Friesian

David, Ivan & Tom Kiersey from Ballyhussa Farm situated just outside the village of Kilmacthomas in the heart of County Waterford are the brothers behind Freezin' Friesian. Their cows graze grass pasture year-round producing rich, creamy milk perfect for ice cream.

Inspired by the idea of farm-to-table food production, the brothers began their journey to create a luxurious ice cream product range that would satisfy taste buds using the highest quality ingredients. 

Their motto is quality over quantity with the health and well-being of our Friesian cows being at the heart of what they do. Their cows spend their days roaming between paddocks, passing through a robotic milking system as they go. This helps minimise stress for them. 

The Kiersey family have served many flavours of Rolled Ice Cream at food markets over the last few years and now offer the most popular of these in their retail range.

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