Duncannon Smokehouse

Established in 1974 by Frank Ronan, Duncannon Smokehouse is now run by Frank's son Kai and his partner Lee Lawrence who are carrying on using traditional methods and oak chips.  The smokehouse is on site and all the fish is hand cut and packed - no machines to be seen! The Ronan's produce a Wild Irish Smoked salmon, buying up as much of the fish as they can get their hands on during the short season. Their Cold Smoked Irish Trout is a new product that is becoming extremely popular as an alternative to Smoked Salmon. Irish Trout is a firm textured fish when smoked, with a delicate flavour which makes an ideal appetiser or canapé. Their fish suppliers come from various locations around Ireland, including Kilmore Quay, Co Wexford, Mayo & Galway. Filleted and pin boned by hand, the fish is dry salted for several hours before being transferred to racks at which point the 1-12 hour smoking process begin. Once the smoking has been completed the fish are removed from the kiln and chilled. All Duncannon Smokehouse Salmon, Trout and Haddock are vacuum packed to ensure premium freshness and quality.

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