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Áine Ní Bhraoin's obsession with ginger started back in 2016, but her ginger business only came to fruition in 2021. With the fascination with making her own crystallised ginger and developing the texture and mouth experience, made her explore the commercial process more and develop her own process that harnesses all the goodness and quality of Peruvian ginger, with reducing the sugar content. She has since developed a high quality crystallised ginger along with her ginger syrup range that amplifies the quality of ginger across her ginger inspired goodies.
The choice of Peruvian ginger was deliberate, owing to its superior nutrition and sustainable farming practices compared to other ginger varieties. This commitment to quality is evident in every Blasta Delights product. Áine makes the most of ginger's flavor and ensures minimal waste by repurposing leftover ginger skins in the creation of her syrup range.

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