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GIY Growbox for Bees

Price: €20.00

GROWBox is everything GIY know about growing in a box making it easy for you to start growing your own food. GROWBox is the solution to the three main problems that people have when wanting to start growing; Time, Space & knowledge. 

What’s in the GROWBox? 

This is a box full of possibility – imagine your garden resplendent in colour and beautiful scents and buzzing with bees and other beneficial insects. But before you get there, you’ve got to grow it. This box contains*:

Seed packs x 4: 

  • Meadow Mix 
  • Nasturtium 
  • Borage 
  • Pot Marigold 
  • 1 Pencil and Notepad – always a good plan to jot down your sowing dates, progress and good intentions. 
  • Plant Labels – no, you won’t remember what’s in each pot! Always label them. 
  • 8cm pots x 4 – for sowing some of your seeds into. 
  • Compost discs x 4 – one for each pot (they bulk out when you add water). 

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