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Share Thai Gold Kaffir Lime Leaves 4g


Thai Gold Kaffir Lime Leaves 4g

Price: €2.20

Thai kaffir lime leaves (citrus hystrix) is a small thorny bush that has both leaves and fruit that are used extensively in Thai cooking. The flavour of the leaf is unique, but is somewhat akin to lemon. The fruit is a wrinkled bumpy lime with a very strong zest. The Kaffir lime leaves in this pack are freeze dried using a special process that locks in the maximum flavour. However, they do not have the same strength of flavour as fresh leaves, so we suggest using two of these leaves where a recipe may call for one fresh leaf.

How to use these leaves…. In Thai cooking 2/3 leaves are added whole to wet dishes like green or red curry and Tom Yum Soup. When used whole the leaves are rarely eaten but left uneaten in the remaining soup. When chopped finely and added to dishes such as Thai Fish Cakes or Panaeng curry they are eaten and provide a tangy delicious flavour sensation. Add them straight into wet dishes, rehydrate them by steeping in warm water for a couple of minutes before chopping

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  • Naturally Grown, Freeze Dried Kaffir Lime Leaves (100%)

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