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Share Pear And Apricot Chutney

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  • Joan & Bob's Pear and Apricot Chutney 230g

Joan & Bob’s Pear and Apricot Chutney 230g

Price: €5.00

*We're now offering a jar of Joan & Bob's Pear & Apricot Chutney FREE when you spend €40+ on ardkeen.com!

A perfect partner to your favourite cheeses. Enjoy!

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  • Pears
  • onions
  • apricots
  • cranberries
  • sugar
  • white wine vinegar
  • seasoning.

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The Story of the Producer

Joan & Bobs Juicy Jams

Joan & Bobs Juicy Jams

The recession in Ireland seems to have had one positive effect….a new generation of artisan producers have emerged. Joan & Bob Fitzgerald Cahill are one such couple, who, when both lost their jobs in 2011, looked around and realised they had the skills and provisions to make a living doing something they loved in their own home. They had always dabbled with preserving, making jams, jellies, chutneys, ciders, beer wine and even champagne….Joan & Bobs Juicy Jams was born. The preserves are handmade in small batches using seasonal fruit. The wild berries are handpicked by themselves and they use only the natural pectin of the fruit to set the jams. Creative recipes with exciting flavour combinations result in blends like Wild Blackberry, Elderberry & Pinot Noir, which make your taste buds stand up and shout for joy!

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