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Share Llewellyn Irish Balsamic Cider Vinegar 250ml

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  • Llewellyn Irish Balsamic Cider Vinegar 250ml

Llewellyn Irish Balsamic Cider Vinegar 250ml

Price: €11.95

This unique Irish Balsamic Cider Vinegar is made by a natural fermentation process starting with fresh ripe apples. No other ingredients, such as sugar, water, preservatives intrude along the way. The final result is a perfect balance between the tanginess of the vinegar and the sweetness and fruitiness of the apple. It's award-winning flavour makes it a delicious ingredient for any salad dressing, or with olive oil as a wonderful dip for breads. Drizzle it on potatoes, broccoli and roast pork. Use your imagination to enhance the flavour of many other dishes.

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  • Apple cider vinegar
  • evaporated apple must

The Story of the Producer

Llewellyns Orchard

Llewellyns Orchard

David Llewellyn’s small family vineyard (yes, vineyard!) and fruit farm are located near Lusk in rural North County Dublin. He produces a range of premium wines, juices, ciders, vinegars, and apple syrup, all made by simple natural methods, entirely from Irish grown fruits.

David’s Apple Cider Vinegar is renowned for its flavour, and as David himself says, “we don’t even have wine vinegar in our kitchen – we use our own cider vinegar in every recipe which calls for vinegar!” It is also ideal for anyone looking to use raw cider vinegar for a daily health tonic etc, as it is bottled unfiltered and unpasteurised, containing the “mother”.

His Balsamic Cider Vinegar is a multi-awardwinning indulgence! Made entirely from apples, it is dark, rich, sweet, yet pleasantly tangy. With the flavour and goodness of 6 kg of apples concentrated into each litre of finished Balsamic, this vinegar is a real treat, and a little goes a long way.

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