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Share Flahavans Irish Course Cut Oatmeal Tin 700g

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  • Flahavan's Irish Course Cut Oatmeal Tin 700g

Flahavan’s Irish Course Cut Oatmeal Tin 700g

Price: €5.50

A bowl of Flahavans is all about taste. Creating that taste starts with sourcing the finest quality oats from the rich rolling farmlands of southeast Ireland. Our mill situated in a small village in Waterford, has been an independant family business for over 200 years. We use milling techniques handed down over generations to create perfect porridge oats. The unspoilt local environment and mild wet climate is ideal for growing the finest oats. At harvest time we take in our new season oats, drying and storing them for the year ahead. Because our ats are less processed, they keep their natuarl wholesome texture and flavour, the result is a warm nourishing bowl of Flahavan's; Cooking Instructions- Cook on the hob(serves 2)- Stir half a cup(80g) into 400 mls of water/milk. Bring to the boil and simmer for 5-7 minutes stirring occasionall, allow to stand for 1 minute before serving; Microwave-Stir 40 g of Flahavans Course Cut oatmeal into 170 mls of water/milk, Microwave on high for 3 minutes, stir and return to microwave to cook for another 1 minute before serving(based on a 900W microwave)

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  • 100% wholegrain Oats

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The Story of the Producer



We can’t get much more local! There has been an oats mill down the road at Kilmacthomas since the late 1700's.

Today, the Flahavan's are the sixth generation to run the business. Flahavan's porridge has a distinctive texture and taste because all of the oats used in the making of Flahavan's are grown locally, chosen from a select panel of growers.

The region around Kilmacthomas has its own micro-climate, nestling beneath the shelter of the Comeragh Mountains while also being relatively close to the sea. This means that the area does not get very cold winters, which gives a better quality oat grain.

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