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Share Drummond House Irish Elephant Garlic Cloves Mild 100g

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  • Drummond House Irish Elephant Garlic Cloves Mild 100g

Drummond House Irish Elephant Garlic Cloves Mild 100g

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Elephant garlic like its name suggests refers to the fact that it looks like a  very large garlic bulb that produces extra large cloves. It is not a true garlic as it belongs to the leek family. 

It has a very medium- mild leek/garlic flavor and has sweet tones and hints of onion like taste. This makes it ideal for people who prefer a milder flavor. Elephant garlic is rich in Vitamin B9 and calcium and can be eaten raw in salads or can be cooked.  Due to its very large size Elephant garlic is very easy to peel.  We hand harvest our elephant garlic in July and then cure it for approx 4-6 weeks. Our unique sandy loam soil and proximity to the sea gives our elephant garlic its beautiful fresh slightly salty mild flavor. Our Drummond House Elephant Garlic takes 9 months to grow and a further 4-6 weeks drying before it is ready each year.

It is delicious roasted or sliced thinly like crisps, drizzle with some olive oil and seasoning and roasted in the oven for 2-4 minutes.

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The Story of the Producer

Drummond House Farm

Drummond House Farm

Drummond House located is a lush 100-acre farm owned by owned by Peter and Marita Collier, has been in the Collier family for over 100 years. Originally a mix of dairy, tillage and beef, but in 2012 with the uncertain farming climate, the Colliers decided to look at different ways of farming.

With the realisation that all the garlic in Ireland was at the time and still is imported and after extensive research and travels across Europe, the first garlic seeds are planted in late October and cared for throughout the winter of 2013 and nine months later, the first crop of Drummond House Garlic was harvested.

Drummond House has now grown into the largest producer of garlic in Ireland now supplying us with elephant garlic, smoked garlic, as well as garlic scapes.

It turns out the sandy soil of Drummond House is ideally suited to asparagus growing too. Asparagus takes three or four years to become fully established, so it's a crop that requires patience on the part of the grower and in 2019 we had our first crop of Irish grown asparagus delivered to us from the Colliers.

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