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Share Clearspring Japanese Sushi Nori 17g

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  • Clearspring Japanese Sushi Nori Toasted 17g

Clearspring Japanese Sushi Nori Toasted 17g

Price: €4.15

Sea vegetable have long been valued for their varied flavours, their versatility in use, and their natural goodness. Nori is cultivated in the sheltered bay around the Japanese Coastline where after harvesting it is carefully washed. then slowly dried into square sheets. Gentle toasting of the Nori transforms them into translucent lighter green, crispy sheets with a delicious nutty flavour , proof of its excellant quality. Use straight from the pack to make sushi Rolls, cut with scissors into quatars for wrapping rice balls or cut into thin strips for a tasty garnish for grains, noodles, soups and salads.

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  • Dried sea vegetable(porphyra yezoensis)
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