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Share Ulterior Mazuelo Parcela No. 4 75cl


Ulterior Mazuelo Parcela No. 4 75cl

Price: €22.95

Project ULTERIOR began in 2007 as a travel back in time, recovering legacy grape varieties so as to prepare the future of quality wines in La Mancha. Bodegas Verum decided to plant in a historical plot of land with several of those grape types and also introduce other Spanish grape varieties, taking into account factors, such as the pH and adaptability to the terroir. Mazuelo (carignan) is one such variety. Cherry red with medium dark red rim. On the nose it is complex with good intensity with earthy memories, roots and subtle mineral touch. It is balsamic and evokes memories of aromatic herbs, all in the context of red fruits and plum. The herbs  bring freshness and a subtle memory of black liquorice, balsamic. On the palate it shows an excellent acidity and balance with mature red fruits. A persistent rounded fresh wine. Great with white fish, also salmon and white meats.

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