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Share Terras Gauda Rias Baixas Orosal 2019 75cl

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  • Terras Gauda Rias Baixas O’Rosal 2019 75cl

Terras Gauda Rias Baixas O’Rosal 2019 75cl

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It is a wine of great aromatic and gustatory complexity, where the clear aromas of ripe peach, pineapple and orange peel blend with delicate mineral, earthy memories and pleasant notes of bay leaf and mint.

The first impression in the mouth is that of a wine of great character, full, but at the same time fresh and youthful, reflecting its powerful structure in an appreciable smoothness and volume. It is creamy, with mineral touches that, together with its fresh and smooth acidity, offers us a pleasant, intense wine with a long finish in the mouth, a true reflection of a rare vintage but with excellent maturation and balance.

Winemaker's Comments

  • We do not believe it is necessary to decant this wine.
  • Ripening / aging potential:
  • Wine must be consumed young. Aging is not recommended.
  • Optimum consumption temperature: between 10ºC and 12ºC.


Wonderful combination with seafood: oysters, clams and crab. Enjoy it also with Asian cuisine or with white meats and rice.

  • Harvest: September 2019
  • Alcohol: 12.5% ​​vol.
  • Bottled: December 2019
  • Launch: Early 2020
  • Production Region Rías Baixas - Galicia.
  • Variety 70% Albariño, 20% Caiño and 8% Loureiro.

The end of winter caused an early sprouting due to the high maximum temperatures. It continued with a spring with thermal oscillations of up to 20ºC. The rains in summer were scarce and the temperatures quite low except for two very intense heat strokes. The stress suffered by the plant was manifested in a low fertility index, with few clusters and of low weight.

Although bud break was early, the summer weather conditions brought the harvest forward of only 4 days. The favourable conditions for September partially corrected the dehydration of the grapes, providing us with a correct maturation of all the varieties and complex and lively wines.

Albariño contributes to the mix with its fruity aromas and volume in the mouth. The Loureiro gives us good floral aromatic intensity and the Caíño offers the mix aromas of exotic fruits, balsamic and most importantly, great structure and uniqueness.

Viticulture: The Albariño and Caíño come from the plots with lower altitude, that is, with higher humidity and warmer, which means an earlier harvest and therefore greater concentration, less acidity and more body in the wines. This Albariño is the one that is harvested the earliest, between September 11 and 18 and Caíño is the last variety that is harvested, between September 21 and 26, being the latest.

The Loureiro comes from our vineyards of higher altitude and lower humidity, fresher, causing a slower maturation which gives us a live Loureiro with intense aromas and softness in the mouth. Harvested on September 19 and 20.

Vinification: After a cold maceration of different duration according to the varieties, the fermentation took place at low temperatures in stainless steel tanks. After adding natural yeasts extracted from our own vineyards, the wine stabilizes in the cold, is filtered and finally bottled.

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