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Longueville House Mór Cider 500ml

Price: €5.99

Mór is the Irish word for big which is apt for this new cider from Longueville House. Mór is made by slowly fermenting our own pressed orchard apple juice in our own oak Apple Brandy casks. This technique gives a “mór” rounded, “mór” taste and of course… “mór” of a kick! This naturally refreshing and slightly cloudy cider contains no artificial sweeteners, additives, colourings, preservatives or added sulphites. Serve well chilled without ice as an accompaniment to meat, fish, cheese, charcuterie or simply on its own.

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  • 100% Fresh Apples

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The Story of the Producer

Longueville House

Longueville House

In 1995 Michael O’Callaghan of Longueville House planted 25 acres of apple orchards with a vision of producing Irish apple brandy. His son William then developed the idea of also selling the wonderful cider which is already being produced as part of the brandy making process. The cider is produced in the traditional way – with apples being harvested in October and crushed in an oak cider press. The fresh juice is then fermented with its natural yeasts for 4-5 months to produce a rich amber coloured cider with a unique taste. The cider is filtered and pasteurised, but no sugars, colours or preservatives are added.

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