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Food Heroes Experience This Season!

Price: €45.00

A once-off curated experience delivering the best of what's in season.

The perfect way to discover new, unique, and exclusive foods that we are sure you will love. Handpicked from the aisles of Ardkeen Quality Food Store to bring together a unique taste of what our incredible producers are making.

Every product we feature is carefully selected by our team of experts led by our Artisan Foods Buyer Christine Fowler.

Our current offering; ​

Deliciously refreshing drink made from fresh, seasonal nettles grown on their organic permaculture farm in Co. Wexford. Made with added immune boosting vitamin C.

Irish Beetroot Juice from Feighery's Farm using 70% handpicked homegrown Offaly beets blended with Tipperary Apples and no added sugar.

Made in the heart of Kilkenny, this is restaurant quality dressing perfect for salads, sandwiches and more, gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan

Whitfield Honey is produced from the wildflowers of Butlerstown, Co. Waterford. The local flowers provide Whitfield Honey with its unique floral taste and distinct fruity undertones.

Made with 99.7% highest quality, single origin runner peanuts, this peanut butter has a creamy base, a pinch of Oriel Irish salt, with chunks and chunks of perfectly roasted peanuts.

Shines Wild Yellow Tuna infused in Chilli Oil is the first of its kind. Yellowfin Tuna Fish is one of the best tuna species in the world, with meaty texture light flavour with a nice kick of chilli. It can be enjoyed in many different dishes but tastes equally delicious straight out of the Jar.

This is wonderful robust sauce, a true Italian classic which allows you to a have a meal on the table in minutes, safe in the knowledge that Joan and Bob have created flavour combinations to make your pasta perfect.

100g 66% Single Origin Brazilian Dark Chocolate with Toasted Pistachios, Dried Cranberry, Golden Raisins and Caramelized White Chocolate

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The Story of the Producer

Joan & Bobs Juicy Jams

Joan & Bobs Juicy Jams

The recession in Ireland seems to have had one positive effect….a new generation of artisan producers have emerged. Joan & Bob Fitzgerald Cahill are one such couple, who, when both lost their jobs in 2011, looked around and realised they had the skills and provisions to make a living doing something they loved in their own home. They had always dabbled with preserving, making jams, jellies, chutneys, ciders, beer wine and even champagne….Joan & Bobs Juicy Jams was born. The preserves are handmade in small batches using seasonal fruit. The wild berries are handpicked by themselves and they use only the natural pectin of the fruit to set the jams. Creative recipes with exciting flavour combinations result in blends like Wild Blackberry, Elderberry & Pinot Noir, which make your taste buds stand up and shout for joy!

Also by this Producer

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  • Joan & Bob’s Lovely Lemonade Syrup 330ml

  • Joan & Bob’s Orchard Apple Chutney 230g

  • Joan & Bob’s Rich Tomato Pasta Sauce 340g

  • Joan & Bob’s Saucy Relish 250ml

  • Joan & Bob’s Wild Elderflower Cordial 330 ml

  • Joan & Bob’s Juicy Jams Wild Elderflower Syrup with a hint of Hibiscus 330ml

  • Joan & Bob’s Strawberry Raspberry & Vanilla Jam 250g

  • Joan & Bob’s Juicy Jams Raspberry & Vanilla 250g

  • Joan & Bob’s Classic Raspberry Jam 250g

  • Joan & Bob’s Classic Strawberry Jam 250g

  • Joan & Bob’s Elderflower & Orange Marmalade 250g

  • Joan & Bob’s Wild Blackberry Jam 230g

  • Joan & Bob’s Wild Elderberry & Blackberry Syrup 330ml

  • Joan & Bob’s Juicy Jams Amazing Meatball Sauce 270g

  • Joan & Bob’s Delicious Handmade Jams Gift Set

  • Joan & Bob’s Juicy Jams Port Jelly for Cheese 140g

  • Joan & Bob’s Juicy Jams Blueberry Jam 250g

  • Joan & Bob’s Juicy Jams Super Garlic & Basil Pesto 140g

  • Joan & Bob’s Morning Sunshine Marmalade 250g

  • Joan & Bob’s Juicy Jams Super Spinach & Rocket Pesto 140g

  • Joan & Bob’s Sundried Tomato Pesto 140g

  • Joan & Bob’s Chutney Gift Set x3

  • Joan & Bob’s Juicy Jams Lemon & Ginger Syrup 330ml

  • Joan & Bob’s Juicy Jams Red Pepper, Smoke & Chilli Pasta Sauce 270g

  • Joan & Bob’s Juicy Jams Rich Bolognese Sauce 270g

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