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The ‘100% Irish Growers’ Box

Price: €20.00

This mixed fruit & veg delivery is exactly as described....100% Irish grown produce sourced from small-scale farmers.

By stocking Irish or better still, locally grown produce, which has not been stored and transported from afar, we can guarantee the superior freshness and quality, as well as the ultimate in tractability.

Our current '100% Irish Growers' Box contains a selection of 8 fresh seasonal produce:

  • New Season Homeguards Potatoes 1.3kg [Wexford]  Nicky Kehoe
  • Culinary Gooseberries 500g [Kilkenny] Ms Halley
  • Wexford Strawberries [Wexford] Crean Family
  • Cherry Tomatoes [Waterford] Grantstown Nurseries
  • Beetroot [Wexford] Tom Cleary
  • Red Oakleaf Lettuce [Wexford]  Tom Cleary 
  • Fancy Fungi Forest Mix Mushrooms [Wexford]  
  • Irish Scallions [Kilkenny] Mick Gaynor

Our suppliers are small scale and occasionally the produce listed or shown in the photo may not be available, where this occurs we will substitute with items of similar quality and value.

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The Story of the Producer

Grantstown Nurseries

Grantstown Nurseries

Grantstown Nurseries is based at Callaghane just off the road to Dunmore East, 3 miles from our store. It is a family business with a tradition of innovation and the highest horticultural practices. The Currid Family has supplied Ardkeen Quality Food Store with a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables for several decades. The main crop at Grantstown Nurseries is tomatoes. Tomatoes destined for Ardkeen are picked ripe and delivered the same day. Varieties grown include Cheetah, a traditional round tomato, as well as the finest plum and cherry varieties which are picked and brought to the consumer on the vine. Also grown at Grantstown are a fine range of lettuces from the traditional favourite butterhead but also Lolo Rossa, Lolo Bionda and Oakleaf. Much of the fruit and vegetables consumed in Ireland are imported. By stocking locally grown produce, which has not been stored and transported from afar, we can guarantee the superior freshness and quality, as well as the ultimate in traceability.

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  • Grantstown Suntini Sweet Tomatoes 200g

  • Grantstown Red Cherry Tomatoes 250g

  • Grantstown Tomation 250g

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