Nutterly Nutritious

“In a nutshell, my love for healthy and nutritious food inspired me to create a range of 100% natural nut butters for you to enjoy and use any way YOU like! The possibilities are endless. Personally, I love to grab a spoon and just dig in! It's all good!" 

In 2014, Fiona had a relatively minor health issue to deal with and it was suggested that she try eating Paleo for 30 days to lose weight at a healthy pace, boost her immune system and increase good gut bacteria. That’s when it all changed for Fiona. The experience helped her change her relationship with food. Fiona’s whole life seemed to undergo a complete overhaul and she was the happiest, healthiest she had been in a very long time.  She could eat full fat everything, including, yes you guessed it…NUTS!  It all fell into place from there.

Fiona tried all the well known brands of nut butters and they did satisfy her but Fiona felt she could offer something a little bit more unique in terms of taste, texture and variety and so here she is, proudly standing with her take on what healthy food can taste like, hoping to fuel the nation with healthy, hearty “Nutterly Nutritious”. 

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