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Uno Speciale Italian Summer Wine Sale, but don’t tell everyone!

Some Super Tuscans in there!
Some Super Tuscans in there!

The world’s largest producer of wine with production representing about a quarter of global production (that’s a lot of wine!) and home to some of the oldest wine producing regions, Italy’s wine credentials are without question. Known as one of the most diverse winemaking countries in the world, Italy’s climate is ideally suited to viticulture with 20 designated wine regions, over 350 recognised grape varieties and a broad range of styles.

Consistently one of our best performing countries here at Ardkeen Quality Food Store Off Licence, it was an obvious call to feature Italy in our special summer wine sale. Keen to showcase the depth and breadth of specific regions, we have picked a range of styles from four. Verona in the north east, Tuscany in central Italy, Puglia in the south and Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean. Each with its own specific wine heritage reflecting the diverse geographical, climacteric and indeed often economic conditions of the region.

Our buyers have been busy curating a selection that includes over 40 wines that we feel best represents the quality, range and value that these regions have to offer. In addition to individual discounts on each wine, you can also save a further €10 on purchasing 6 bottles from this range.

So whether it’s full-bodied Amarone or light, elegant Pinot from Veneto, organic Chianti from Tuscany, Salice Salento and lush, round Grillo from Puglia’s deep south or Sicilian hearty Nero d'Avola, this wine sale offers you the perfect opportunity to enjoy and indeed stock up with savings on all your favourites.

There is also no better time to explore new wine styles, insider tip for a new light bodied but complex white is Sardinian Cantina de Morogo Le Giare Vermentino and the red that everyone is talking about Sensi ‘s Morellino de Scancano but shhhh, don’t tell everyone, we have run out twice already!

Running until mid-August, there is always someone on hand to help or recommend and indeed always something interesting open to sample, so do pop in for a browse.



  • Mandrarossa Chardonnay Laguna Secca 75cl

    Mandrarossa Chardonnay Laguna Secca 75cl

    This wine is pale straw yellow in colour, with delicate green hues. On the nose, it has aromas of orange peel, oleander flower and prickly pear. The palate is powerful with good minerality and a long finish.


  • Zenato Lugana ‘San Benedetto’ 2014 75cl

    Zenato Lugana ‘San Benedetto’ 2014 75cl

    Made from 100% Trebbiano di Lugana harvested from the San Benedetto parcel on the south shore of Lake Garda. The grapes are fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks and refined for six months before being released.

    Pale lemon-green in colour, San Benedetto Lugana offers appealing notes of peaches, citrus, bananas, and herbs, which are underscored by crisp acidity and supple body on the palate.

    Pair this wine with grilled skate, risi a bisi, carbonara dishes, and roasted chicken.


  • Zenato Ripassa Superior Valpolicella 75cl

    Zenato Ripassa Superior Valpolicella 75cl

    After the dried grapes are pressed, the Valpolicella wine is passed over the still warm marc of Amarone. A second alcoholic fermentation begins which increases the alcoholic content and the wine becomes richer in colour, bouquet

    The grapes are de-stemmed and macerated in stainless steel fermenters for 10-12 days. Once the alcoholic fermentation is completed, the new wine is separated from the skins by light pressing and conserved in large oak casks of 54 and 75 hectolitres until February; this is the period in which the dried grapes are pressed to produce Amarone. At this point, the Valpolicella is passed over the marc of the Amarone for a period of 7-8 days at a temperature of 25-28°C. The wine is aged for 18 months in 500 lt. oak casks and barrels.

    Excellent companion to game dishes, grilled meat and roasts, salami and aged cheeses.


  • Zenato Valpolicella Superiore 2013 75cl

    Zenato Valpolicella Superiore 2013 75cl

    This family-run estate is based on the shores of Lake Garda. Their Valpolicella is a fantastically structured yet smooth and elegant wine with notes of cherry, spices and ripe plum fruit. It is wonderfully moreish and perfect with pasta dishes and white meats.


  • Pasqua Primitivo Lapaccio Salento 2016 75cl

    Pasqua Primitivo Lapaccio Salento 2016 75cl

    Geographic Area: Region of Apulia, Southern Italy

    Soil: made up of limestone and clay

    Style: a wine with a depth of colour: a warm nose that reveals intense cherry and plum aromas; rich and harmonious on the palate.

    Food Pairings: Ideal for grilled meats and seasoned cheeses. 


  • Messer de Fauno Negroamaro 750ml

    Messer de Fauno Negroamaro 750ml

    Messer del Fauno [Italy] 
    Italy’s secret to value and a taste sensation from Puglia.

    €12.50 €10.00

  • Tenute Falezza [Italy] Valpolicella Ripasso 750ml

    Tenute Falezza [Italy] Valpolicella Ripasso 750ml

    "Great wine, rediscovered by wine lovers who enjoy “old innovations”. Its peculiarity is to have the characteristics of the best Valpolicella, completed by a “re-passing” fermentation with the pomace of skins and seeds of grapes that are left from the fermentation of Amarone and/or Recioto. It therefore reaches the harmony between its scent and its full yet balanced body."


  • Messer del Fauno Grillo Italia 750ml

    Messer del Fauno Grillo Italia 750ml

    Delicate bouquet with notes or tropical fruits and Mediterranean flowers it is rich and full on the palate. Dry with refreshing acidity it has a nutty, citrus flavour with hints of stemmed apple. Well made wine with lovely crisp, dry finish.

    €12.50 €10.00

  • Messer del Fauno Primitivo 750ml

    Messer del Fauno Primitivo 750ml

    Messer Del Fauno is an artisanal Italian farm in Puglia where the best local wines and olive oils are produced. This grape is grown almost exclusively in Puglia region and particularly in Salento, the peninsula which can be visualized as the “heel” of Italy. After an accurate selection, the grapes are vinified following the traditional method without the addition of any concentrated must. The primary fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature. Very good to be drunk young, it develops into velvety softness with further ageing in bottle.

    €12.50 €10.00

  • Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie San Giorgio 750ml

    Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie San Giorgio 750ml

    This wine, fermented at low temperature in our cellars, pairs wll with starters, delicate dishes, fish, white meat and soufflés.


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