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Thursday Tasting at 3: Lunch, Lovely Lunch

 Lunch, Lovely Lunch!
Lunch, Lovely Lunch!

Thursday Tasting at 3: Lunch, Lovely Lunch

The sight of uniform clad teenagers in late August always causes pause for thought. An abrupt reminder that the end of the summer is nigh and in this year’s case, a spectacular one that at times felt like it was never going to end.

Despite the nostalgia at summer ending, watching these young adults in crisp new uniforms, full bags and sharp haircuts, one is also reminded of that sense of a new start. Excitement and anticipation at what the new school year ahead holds and eagerness to engage and do well is something we have all felt.

That same sense of a new start beginning also applies to plans to eat well for the school year ahead. We have all read the many healthy eating articles at this stage and know what to do. A lunch of wholegrains, protein, slow release carbohydrates, fruit, veg and minimal sugar will ensure energy and concentration levels are what are needed for the very full school day that is now the norm for most students. However, like the eagerness to engage with new study plans and despite all best efforts and intention, the healthy eating plan can sometimes come unstuck in just a few short weeks.

The best and most carefully prepared school lunch in the world still needs to be eaten for effect and your child would not be the first one to come home with a half-eaten lunch box or an untouched one at that. Don’t berate yourself or your little one for that matter, there is much to distract at lunch break, playing and catching up with friends come to mind before a sustainable lunch for most 10-year olds. The local fast food outlet will hold much attraction for the older ones on that precious 40 minutes lunch break. Unfortunately, high fat food and fizzy drinks are now part of the mainstream diet of many school going teenagers' with the ubiquitous chicken popcorn roll now virtually part of the social fabric of the average teenagers life. We all know this is not good but there are many forces at play that make tackling this issue a very difficult job.

So, following on from last week’s Thursday Tasting where we filled up on mighty breakfasts, tomorrow we will have some practical lunch ideas that will sustain and support those busy school days and hopefully lead to empty lunch boxes and happy, satisfied students.

Pop in from 3, there will be lots of nice lunch ideas to taste and plenty of chat.

See you then



Re last week’s breakfast quiz, most got French and Irish. Many got Latvian. The last one was Maori. ;-)

Petit dejeuner: French

Bricfeasta:        Irish

Brokastis:         Latvian

Parakuihi         Maori

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