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  • The Waterford Blaa Now Available Nationwide

The Waterford Blaa, now available nationwide!

What is a blaa? Well, it is only one of the finest bread rolls known to mankind exclusive to Waterford, Ireland! Waterford people are obsessive about their blaas!

In 2013 The “Waterford Blaa” and “Blaa” was awarded Protected Geographical Indication status by the EU.  Manufactures of blaas will only be allowed use the term Blaa if it is baked in Waterford. Any bread sold as a Waterford Blaa must be made by one of the certified bakeries.

It’s believed that blaas were introduced to Waterford at the end of the 17th century, by the Huguenots. The world “blaa” is said to be derived from the French word for white, “blanc,” but this theory is disputed.

The Waterford Blaa is a large, soft, and fluffy roll baked with flour going on before baking, differentiating it from a bap. Around 12,000 blaas are baked in Waterford daily, with most sold by the end of lunch! Blaas are a popular breakfast product normally eaten with just salted Irish butter or as a mid-day snack to make sandwiches with a variety of everyday fillings including crisps, bacon, ham, black pudding, steak and relish.

Hungry yet? Well,  don’t  worry, you won’t have to get down to Waterford to try an authentic blaa, because we now stock them online and deliver blaas to your door! 

  • Hickey’s Bakery 6 Blaas 350g

    Hickey’s Bakery 6 Blaas 350g

    Here at Ardkeen Quality Food Stores we are passionate about the quality of our Blaa! Hickeys have being making hand crafted Blaas for over half a Century.  Hickeys follow their traditional family recipes and baking methods which gives them a unique and distinctive flavour and also means they do not freeze or use artificial preservatives.

    The Blaas are baked and delivered fresh each morning so you get the freshest product possible with next day delivery throughout the Island of Ireland. 


  • Abernethy Butter 125g

    Abernethy Butter 125g

    Abernethy Butter is made by hand using traditional methods.

    The only thing Allison and Will Abernethy add to their butter is a pinch or two of salt.

    This butter is wrapped in greaseproof and brown paper for an authentic, rustic look in keeping with the product.


  • Jane Russell’s Handmade Dry Cure Rashers 200g

    Jane Russell’s Handmade Dry Cure Rashers 200g

    Dry cured back rashers Traditionally cured lean Irish pork loins with no added water, phosphates or nitrates. 


  • Jane Russell’s Handmade Sausages Original Irish Prime Irish Pork Sausages 220g

    Jane Russell’s Handmade Sausages Original Irish Prime Irish Pork Sausages 220g

    85% Prime Irish Pork. 

    Our famous traditional Irish sausages handmade in the artisanal way with plenty of fresh juicy lean Irish pork and Irish oats, filled into natural casings. 

    • No off cuts
    • No short cuts
    • Just prime cuts

    For best results fry these lean meaty sausages slowly for 15-20 minutes in a little olive oil turning occasionally. Do not prick. 


  • Rosscarbery Black Pudding Gluten Free 250g

    Rosscarbery Black Pudding Gluten Free 250g

    Rosscarbery Gluten Free Black Pudding is an original creation handcrafted by Willie Allshire & his family.

    “making a living, making something that matters” – Maurice, Willie, William & Avril. 


  • What’s For Pudding Sticky Toffee 420g

    What’s For Pudding Sticky Toffee 420g

    Gloriously rich and gooey dessert pudding. 

    Is there anything more wonderful than warm sticky toffee pudding? This handmade pudding uses the very same simple ingredients that the Flaherty Family use for family and friends. Every pudding is handmade in traditional, small batches and contains absolutely nothing artificial. The real authentic flavour come from using only the very finest 100% natural ingredients.

    “We never compromise on ingredients, time, or attention to detail to ensure you will taste the difference in every spoonful of our decadent Irish desserts.”

    Serving suggestion; 

    "We like our pudding with a little puring cream, ice cream or whipped cream is great too." - The Flaherty Family


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