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Power Packed Back to School Breakfasts

Overnight Oats
Overnight Oats

Like mentioning Christmas too early, it is always hard to think back to school while the summer months are still in full swing. No one wants to swap swims for book list but those new term days are almost upon us and whether yours are primary, secondary or third level, September is a busy month.

With that in mind, this week’s Thursday Tasting we are looking at breakfasts. Active from the minute they arrive at the school gate, through afterschool activities and evening homework, children’s days have never been so full, so we are particularly looking at breakfasts that will set your little ones up for their busy school day ahead.

A healthy and enjoyable breakfast should be one that keeps us sustained through all the morning activities. Carbohydrate and sugar laden breakfasts are not the way to go. Consuming large amounts of sugar in your first meal of the day causes blood sugar levels to spike and then drop, signalling your brain that you need more sugar. This can lead to a vicious cycle throughout the day of blood sugar highs and lows which effect concentration, energy levels and lead to the consumption of other sugary foods and so the cycle continues. Not the recipe for a good day at school.


Breakfast is a busy time in every family home so we will have lots of suggestions that with the minimum of time, will allow you to have a breakfast that nourishes, sustains and satisfies the smallies and the teens and won’t break the bank, I promise.

Look forward to seeing you on Thursday from 3



There will be a bowl of Waterford’s own Flahavan’s Overnight Oats soaked in our near neighbours Wexford’s Ballycross Jonagold Apple Juice for anyone who can identify what country these breakfast translations refer to.

Petit dejeuner




No Googling now! ;-)

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