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Low or No with Julie

'Some of the great low alcohol Irish craft beers now available'
'Some of the great low alcohol Irish craft beers now available'

Much of our socialising has for a while been constructed around social drinking and while water is a real alternative, some of us just like the taste of beer when out.

Although it has taken a while (we are way behind our European neighbours here), the move towards switching to alcohol-free or low in alcohol beers for some of our beer choices is being finally being embraced here in Ireland. This is thanks in no small part to our independent craft breweries coming up with some cracking beers that not only fit the bill but that are great beers in their own right.

Saving us from the anodyne offerings of yore, there are now many really decent alternatives and our first tasting for Indie Beer Week looks at a few of our favourites. Kicking off at 3 on Thursday 23rd we will have Dungarvan Brewing Main Sail, a limited edition alcohol free special brew just recently launched, Wicklow Wolf Low Alcohol Coffee Ale which comes in with an abv of just 1% and Matalman Brewing Super Session IPA Tiptango at 2.5%.

Not strictly beer but a real and important no alcohol alternative we also have two alcohol free Irish ciders with Stonewell Cider and Highbank Orchard Organic Driver cider both on the tasting table.

So make sure you pop in for a little exploration of this now growing and indeed exciting sector of independent brewing in Ireland.

See you from 3



  • Dungarvan Brewing Company Main Sail Alcohol Free Pale Ale less than 0.5% Abv 500ml

    Dungarvan Brewing Company Main Sail Alcohol Free Pale Ale less than 0.5% Abv 500ml

    A new arrival for 2019, and one that they’ve been developing for some time, we are delighted to announce the arrival of Ireland’s first microbrewed alcohol free beer, Main Sail Pale Ale.

    This beer has been developed to give a refreshing hoppy flavour without the alcohol content. Coming in at 0.4% abv it is defined as an alcohol free product and can be enjoyed in place of a regular beer.

    Plenty of hops give a lively, refreshing citrus and herbal flavour to this light bodied pale ale.


  • Metalman Brewing Company Tiptango 33cl

    Metalman Brewing Company Tiptango 33cl

    Tiptango Super Session IPA 2.5%

    Signal in barbecue season with this super session IPA that's perfect for long days. Hopped with Mosaic and Citra, this beer might be lowin alcohol but it's definitley not short on flavour or fun! It is not pateurised or finely filltered, so store in the fridge if possible/


  • Highbank Orchards Organic Drivers Cider Non-Alcoholic 330ml

    Highbank Orchards Organic Drivers Cider Non-Alcoholic 330ml

    Made from Organic Cider apples from Highbank farm, Drivers Cider is a refreshing non-alcoholic drink for the driver with no added sugar or chemicals.


  • Stonewell 0% Non-alcoholic Cider 330ml

    Stonewell 0% Non-alcoholic Cider 330ml

    They fermented a cider using typical bittersweet apples. Once fermented they then used a process of osmosis, or to be precise reverse osmosis to extract the alcohol from the cider. This leaves a lot of the characteristics created by the fermentation process but with the added bonus that there’s no alcohol. At this stage of the process the cider is still “dry” in other words contains no sweetness, so to finish off this blend we add a small amount of apple juice which broadens the mouthfeel and brings a delightful fresh fruit aroma.

    Made and blended in Cork, Stonewell 0% is a refreshing alternative for all those looking to avoid the sickly sweet mocktails or fizzy rock shandys at a social occasion.


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