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Let’s talk about Kefir

Let’s talk about Kefir
Let’s talk about Kefir

Our Thursday tasting for the next two weeks is one of great interest. Nourish Kefir was founded by Deborah Carr who having read about the health benefits of Kefir, started making it at home. The results she experienced were so beneficial, Deborah went on to start her own Kefir dairy/factory in 2009 and Nourish Kefir was born.

Kefir is a probiotic fermented milk drink. Originating in Eastern Europe and Southwest Asia, the name Kefir is derived from the Turkish word kefir, which means "feeling good" after eating.

Much has been written about the benefits of taking Kefir regularly. A potent source of probiotics bifidobacterium, lactobacillus, lactococcus and saccharomyces cerevisiae, it is also rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B12, riboflavin, magnesium and vitamin D. Studies show that Kefir aids digestive health by balancing the bacteria in the gut, helps boosts the immune system and can improve bone and mental health.

100% organic and authentic, Nourish Kefir is made from whole fresh organic cow's (one including fair trade Madagascan Vanilla, how good does that sound!) or goats’ milk and real live kefir grains (the term used for these living cultures). It has a distinctive, slightly sour taste, is deliciously creamy and refreshing.

Deborah has featured in the BBC2 Trust Me I’m a Doctor, BBC World Service – The Food Chain, BBC 4 The Food Programme and research studies at South Bank University. An easy and indeed delicious way to include health enhancing fermented food in your daily diet, Nourish Organic Kefir has no added sugar and is gluten free. The Nourish Kefir Starter Cultures pack also allow you to make your own Kefir at home.

A perfect opportunity to taste and experience this much talked about product, I will be tasting from 12.30.

Look forward to seeing you in store.


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