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JAMU from MuTonics

JAMU from MuTonics
JAMU from MuTonics

A traditional and ancient system of medicine in Indonesia, JAMU relies on its use of local roots, spices, herbs, barks, plants and peels to create health and purifying drinks. Dating back over 4,000 years it was relied upon before Western medicine was introduced in these countries and was greatly influenced by the principals of Chinese and Ayurveda medicine.

Applied to suit the local tropical plants of the bio diverse archipelago region that is Indonesia, there are many JAMU recipes but all feature turmeric (whose active ingredient curcumin have many scientifically proven health benefits), tamarind and ginger. Awareness of traditional food culture and the wisdom that it brings from what might be deemed to be humble ingredients has never been greater and happily, one can now access these ingredients and use them with a new sense of purpose.

Relatively new to the market in Ireland is MuTonics. Formed by Clovis Ferguson and Ruth Calder Potts, both daughters of Irish food producers who share a love of natural, quality ingredients and wished to develop a traditional and contemporary product. JAMU is now available here at Ardkeen Quality Food Store and the Clovis and Ruth will be in store on Saturday for a tasting. This is a great chance to meet, taste and learn about their take on this very ancient drink.

Available in 500nl glass bottles, each one contains 3,700mg of turmeric, the equivalent of 5 x 100ml shots, that is one a day for 45 days.

Natural recipes with legitimate science backing but a strong folk medicine track record, now that’s worth checking out!

  • Mutonics Jamu 500ml

    Mutonics Jamu 500ml

    Jamu means “health drink” in Indonesian. 
    It is an infusion of certified organic fresh turmeric, ginger, tamarind, lemongrass, cinnamon, lemon juice, West Cork honey, black pepper and Atlantic sea salt. Honey is added to bring balance and to help blend the strong flavours.  

    Each bottle contains 3,700mg of turmeric. 

    Each 500ml bottle contains enough for 5+ shots. 


    *In the morning

    * When feeling run down  

    *Post work out 

    * Anytime you feel like a pick-me-up


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