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Jam-packed Pancake Tuesday Suggestion!


Get ready for Pancake Tuesday with recipes, traditional & alternative…. plus serving suggestions to make your mouth water from ardkeen.com

It's important to get the basics right, so our instore chefs put together a classic fail safe pancake recipe Traditional Pancake Recipe.  We've also got some sweet & savoury filling ideas too like Tomato & Mushroom or O'Neills Bacon with Maple Syrup. Feeling a bit more adventurous? Then why not have a go at our Crêpes Suzette  the French classic that elevates the humble pancake into a smart dessert!

Ardkeen Quality Food Store Recipes


How about finishing off those pancakes with some syrup or sweet dessert sauce? From lemon curd to butterscotch sauce or apple syrup to a raspberry drizzle your taste buds will be tingling with our range. Find them all here.

It's a Pancake but not as you know it!

Our collaboration with The Theatre of Food at Electric Picnic means we have some amazing recipes from some of Ireland's most innovative chefs. This one from Audrey McDonald of The Cookbook Cafe  is just perfect for those who want to celebrate  Pancake Tuesday but are looking for something a little more healthy!
Sweet Potato Pancake with Date Syrup

  • Wild About Raspberry & Vanilla Jam 200g

    Wild About Raspberry & Vanilla Jam 200g

    Fresh raspberries and pure vanilla pods combine to create sophisticated jam with a fantastic aroma and taste. Try it for breakfast on toast, on scones for tea or a dollop for on desserts.... Enjoy!


  • Highbank Orchards The Original Irish Orchard Syrup 50ml

    Highbank Orchards The Original Irish Orchard Syrup 50ml

    "Irelands answer to maple syrup", this sweet and delicious, pouring, organic syrup, is the first of its kind. Grown and produced by Highbank Orchards in Kilkenny, Ireland. With years of research, Highbank launched the Orchard Syrup in 2010 at Savour Kilkenny. Totally organic, this unique, healthy product is made from Irish, organic apples from the farm. Highbank Orchard Syrup is completely organic made from our apples only - no pesticides, no artificial fertilisers or preservatives. Stored at ambient temperature, Highbank orchard syrup has a shelf life of over 2 years.Drizzle on porridge and muesli. Pour on ice cream and desserts. Glaze for meats and flavour for bakes.


  • O’Neills Dry Cure Bacon Co Dry Cured Rashers 300g

    O’Neills Dry Cure Bacon Co Dry Cured Rashers 300g

    Awarded 2 Stars at the Great Taste Awards 2016 & 2017

    At O'Neills Dry Cure Bacon Co., we know a thing or two about bacon. We know that the tastiest rashers are dry cured by hand in a traditional way which stops them shrinking the pan. Using our unique family recipe, we dry cure Irish pork with natural sea salt to enhance the flavour. Our rashers contain 30% less salt that the average rasher and as we don't add water, no phosphates are needed. The result, proper rashers that taste and cook like they should.


  • Abernethy Butter 125g

    Abernethy Butter 125g

    Abernethy Butter is made by hand using traditional methods.

    The only thing Allison and Will Abernethy add to their butter is a pinch or two of salt.

    This butter is wrapped in greaseproof and brown paper for an authentic, rustic look in keeping with the product.


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