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Share Indie Beer Week. A National Celebration Of Independent Brewing. At A Venue


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Indie Beer Week: a national celebration of Independent Brewing.

Here at Ardkeen Quality Food Store we love independence. We are an independent retailer. Free to source, influence and support, goods, customers, producers. It’s what we do. We also love beer. Particularly craft beer. So, when we heard about Indie Beer Week we said… ‘Yeah, let’s have some fun here’.
Introduced last year by the Independent Brewers of Ireland, Indie Beer Week is an initiative aimed at promoting Independent Craft Beer to a wider audience through a series of collaborative events. (Did I mention we also love collaboration?)

This year’s event will be promoted on a larger scale and despite the name, Indie Beer Week is actually a 10-day long celebration of the craft of local brewing. Now although we like craft beer for many reasons, they are not all about IPA but much about USP. You see although not everything that is small is beautiful, small is a good place to start when you have a passion to create a new, quality product and that put simply is the Unique Selling Point of Craft beer. Believe me, I sell it.

Energy, artistry, innovation and large quantities of hard graft are all part of what makes a successful brewing operation. It is not for the faint hearted and many have sat at the bar, talked and dreamed but decided it was best left to others but that too is okay. Every beer, lovingly crafted and brought to your counter or table needs a customer. So, hey… we are all in fact doing our bit.

Did I mention investment? Many small independent brewers have put their heart and soul into getting a brew or brewery off the ground. But it also took investment and in the period of economic constraint and uncertainly that we have all lived through in recent years, that is indeed quite an accomplishment. All the more reason for us all to support our Independent Brewers and Indie Beer Week is a perfect opportunity to do that. It’s a win win.

With all this in mind we have come up with some nice events here at Ardkeen Quality Food Store over the next 10 days. Bringing all of your favourites and some new brews to the store for the first time, our buyers have had a tough job but someone got to do it!

• Friday 22nd 3pm: Beer & Bangers with Steve. Perfect combinations for BBQ season.
• Sat 23rd 3pm: A few cans with Julie 
• Mon 25th 4:30pm: Costello’s - The Kilkenny Bois!
• Wed 27th: Indie Beer talks with Judith Boyle* Beer Sommelier with the Institute of Brewers and Distillers 

  •  4 pm: Beer and cheese - what a pair!
  • 6pm: Talking Craft Waterford brewers Metalman, Dungarvan Brewing and Legacy Irish Cider will be in the house for craft tasting and chat. Rumour has it there may be some keen pairings too, think black pudding and..

• Thurs 29th 4pm: Ballykilcavan Brewery. The Laois lads will be charming us with their own grown and brewed range under the The Griffen (known for guarding treasure and priceless possessions!) symbol

Sat 31st 3pm: For One last beer. Ah go on


There are tons of great events happening locally and nationally to check out http://indiebeerweek.ie/ for the full list of events and follow them on Twitter @ÍndieirishBeer

We will be posting on all our Social Media platforms so keep an eye on Twitter @ArdkeenQFS Instagram @ardkeenqualityfoodstore and Facebook at Ardkeen Quality Food Store.

So let’s be havin’ ya for some for some good libations, vibrations and good old celebrations.


The Crafty Team

*Judith Boyle is an accredited Beer Sommelier with the Institute of Brewers and Distillers, beer journalist and award winning member of the British Guild of Beer writers. She is a beverage lecture in the Dublin Institute of technology and is an international beverage Judge. Judith is passionate about all aspects of beer and beer education.  

  • Legacy Irish Craft Cider Medium Dry 500ml

    Legacy Irish Craft Cider Medium Dry 500ml

    My Grandfather, Willsie Mc Donnell “The Boss” grew apples in the Bride Valley, West Waterford since the 1930s. This inspired his son to research and grow apple trees throughout his life and his grandson (me!) to bring you this cider.

    We are a small passionate team dedicated to bringing you the best cider the land can produce. Relax and enjoy with friends, with food or simply on its own.

    Legacy Irish Craft Cider is splendidly blended to release a distinctive fruity aroma and bring out its natural sweetness. 


  • Ballykilcavan Brewery Brickyard Red Ale 500ml

    Ballykilcavan Brewery Brickyard Red Ale 500ml

    100% of the Barley in our beer comes from our award-winning farm in Co. Laois

    Brewed with our custom-made caramel malt, this Irish Red Ale has a rich malty base and a lingering earthiness from its fuggle and golding hops.

    Our bottled beers are unfiltered and bottle conditioned.


  • Metalman Brewing Co American Style Pale Ale 330ml

    Metalman Brewing Co American Style Pale Ale 330ml

    This is our origional metalman pale ale, brewed with cascade and summit hops to deliver the flavour punch we like. Its not pasteurised or finely filtered, and you might find that its a bit hazy, we recommend you don't worry about it and get on enjoying the beer.


  • Metalman Brewing Co. Equinox Refreshing Wheat Larger 333ml

    Metalman Brewing Co. Equinox Refreshing Wheat Larger 333ml

    Sunshine in a can! Equinox is a refreshing unfiltered wheat lager brewed with orange, lemon, and coriander. It’s not pasteurised or filtered, and like most wheat beers, will have a light haze to it. We recommend you don’t worry about it and get on with enjoying the beer.


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