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In Celebration of Seasonality

Cooked Scapes
Cooked Scapes

In the northern hemisphere the summer solstice, also known as midsummer is usually marked on the 21st June. Celebrated for centuries as the middle of summer, that moment in the year when the path of the sun in the sky is farthest north, bringing with it the longest period of daylight.

With it also come all sorts of traditions, many of which focus on nature and ensuring a successful harvest. Many of these customs still persist today, such as lighting bonfires, sharing food and gathering around a flower-festooned maypole to sing and dance. Eating seasonally is intrinsically linked with these events. In days past they saw out the season passed and ushered in the new, with hopes of a bountiful harvest to see them through the summer and allow preserving for over the winter. Food supplies have changed since these times and supply is rarely an issue now in the western world however many have returned to eating seasonally and here at Ardkeen Quality Food Store we encourage and support that ethos. Seasonality is also about enjoyment not abstinence and whenever a particular ingredient goes out of season, you can guarantee that another delicious food comes back in. The first of the much anticipated summer season produce such as new potatoes and strawberries were traditionally eaten at the Solstice celebration. 

Like much of the fruit and vegetables this year, the weather has kept us waiting and has meant that the new potatoes are about three weeks later than usual. But as is often said, what is rare is beautiful and on this occasion I will add that what is rare and late is even more beautiful.

With the first of our new potatoes, we will also be tasting this seasons garlic scapes. Specialising in Irish Garlic, scapes and asparagus, the good folk at Drummond House farm in the village of Baltray in Louth, are providing truly beautiful and much sought after produce to restaurants and a small number of retail outlets and we have them! Harvested about three weeks before the garlic itself, scapes make for sumptuous dishes. Only available for a short period each year they can be made into wonderful pesto, hummus, and salads or blanched in olive oil sea salt, black pepper and grilled for 2 minutes allowing the flavours to sweeten and mellow. Perfect for summer dining.

  • The ‘100% Irish Growers’ Box

    The ‘100% Irish Growers’ Box

    100% Irish grown produce sourced from small-scale farmers, with whom we have long-standing relationships.

    By stocking Irish or better still, locally grown produce, which has not been stored and transported from afar, we can guarantee the superior freshness and quality, as well as the ultimate in traceability

    Our suppliers are small scale and the contents you receive are subject to harvest, quality, availability, and suitability for transit at the time of packing your order.

    Below is an indication of local produce which is currently in-season:

    • Rhubarb [Malcom Robertson, Wexford]
    • Strawberries 227g [Grantstown, Waterford]
    • Organic Exotic Mushroom Mix [Joe Gorman, Garryhinch Woods]
    • Turnip [Odlums Farm Fresh Veg, Wexford]
    • Oakleaf Lettuce [Tom Cleary, Wexford]
    • Beetroot [Tom Cleary, Wexford]
    • Cauliflower [Micheal Gaynor, Kilkenny]
    • Cucumber [Welgro Produce, Dublin]
    • Strawberry Plum Tomatoes on the Vine 250g [Grantstown Nurseries, Waterford]
    • Summer Cabbage [Odlums Farm Fresh Veg, Wexford]
    • Mixed Salad Leaves 100g [Barefoot Farm, Dunhill]
    • Irish New Season Potatoes 1kg [Nicky Kehoe, Wexford]

    The produce listed or shown in the images may not be available, where this occurs, we will substitute with items of similar quality and value.

    We want to make sure your purchase arrives in perfect condition. This product contains fresh produce and will be dispatched Mon - Wed through the island of Ireland only. 


  • Irish New Season Potatoes 1kg

    Irish New Season Potatoes 1kg

    New season potatoes from Nicky Kehoe in Carne, County Wexford.

    A dollop of butter and we're in heaven! Buy online here & we'll deliver to your door!


  • Oriel Irish Mineral Sea Salt Kiln Dried 100g

    Oriel Irish Mineral Sea Salt Kiln Dried 100g

    Free flowing mineral sea salt has a powerful yet smooth taste delivering a new intensity of flavour to your recipes and food.

    It’s free flowing, fine grain dissolves and blends rapidly in recipes. The perfect ingredient sea salt.


  • Oriel Irish Mineral Sea Salt Whiskey Smoked 100g

    Oriel Irish Mineral Sea Salt Whiskey Smoked 100g

    Oriel Mineral Sea Salt infused with Teeling Whiskey and aged oak hits all the senses. A powerful aroma yet smooth intensity of flavour leaves your taste buds looking for more. Allow this flavour to infuse your recipes and food for pure taste sensation.

    It’s fine grain dissolves and blends rapidly in recipes or finish them with a sprinkle on top, this smoked sea salt elevates steaks, infuses burgers and brings new dimension to your cooking.


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