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Share Hickeys Blaa From The Longest Established Bakery In Waterford


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Hickey’s Blaa, from the longest established Bakery in Waterford

With the addition of Hickey’s Blaa to our online shop, Darren Hickey the fourth-generation baker invited us to take a look at how the coveted Blaa unique and now Protected Geographic Indication (PGI) status is made - If it's not made in Waterford it's not a Blaa. FACT!

Shóna and Darren inspecting the dough
Shóna and Darren inspecting the dough

The bakery is currently managed by Darren’s father, Brian, handed down from his father, Toby, who took over from his father, Mr Hickey (John). Mr Hickey is remembered by Colin and Kevin delivering those freshly baked floury breads. One multigenerational local family business to another giving that unique local knowledge and expertise that cannot be found on a production line.


Similar to our own store Hickeys have loyal customers and staff that have been there longer than the current management. The Bakery keeps with traditional methods and breads, their speciality is the blaa which are still made in the traditional way. Each blaa is individually hand rolled, there is a lot of work involved but that is what makes the texture and taste stand out.


Their Turnover’s and traditional Soda Bread are also made using the same ingredients that were used 50 years ago, with no preservatives or saturated fats - just pure wholesome natural ingredients with recipes dating back centuries.

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