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Have you had a Macamore?

Macamore Water Buffalo Burgers
Macamore Water Buffalo Burgers

Raised and grazed in Co Wexford, Macamore Water Buffalo burgers have caused quite a stir since their introduction at our butcher’s counter.

Looking to bring something unique to the Irish market, 4th generation farmer Liam Byrne and his wife Sinead started their water buffalo farm in January 2016. The couple wanted their new venture to be natural and environmentally friendly, Water Buffalo met all these requirements and more.

The name Macamore Buffalo comes the name the “Macamores”, a word locals have used for centuries to describe to the marl type of soil that stretches from Gorey down the east coast of Wexford as far as Kilmuckridge. It is land that is liable to be water-logged. About a foot below the surface, it is a hard clay that water will not penetrate. Water Buffalo love to wallow and bathe in mucky water so “the Macamores” has become a natural habitat for their herd.

Passionate about their animals and how they are looked after and fed, The Byrnes use traditional farming methods and are involved in the Department of Agriculture’s GLAS scheme, an agri environmental initiative which encompasses traditional hay meadows, low-input pastures along with bee, bird and bat conservation among its programmes.

Grass fed, low in fat, high in protein and nutritional value with an incredible taste profile, their water buffalo meat products have been finding favour with customers ever since. Easy to cook and perfect for the BBQ season, paired with Joan & Bob’s Saucy Relish, Ciara’s Pantry Chargrilled Red Pepper Jelly, White Mausu Peanut Rayu or simply tucked into a slice of our own Sourdough bread and topped with Barefoot Farm mixed leaves, we think you will love this new product.

  • Joan & Bob’s Saucy Relish 250ml

    Joan & Bob’s Saucy Relish 250ml

    Our signature sauce is so good with hot or cold meats & cheese. Anything goes with a dollop of JB's!


  • Ciara’s Pantry Chargrilled Red Pepper Jelly 245g

    Ciara’s Pantry Chargrilled Red Pepper Jelly 245g

    Superb with chicken with chicken, fish, pate, cream cheese, in wraps and sandwiches. Alternatively, add to roasted veggies, as an ingredient in sauces or use as a glaze.


  • White Mausu Peanut Rayu 240g

    White Mausu Peanut Rayu 240g


    Made with love in Dublin, this devastatingly delicious recipe fuses Japanese and Chinese flavours to spice up any dish. Give your vegetables a kick, jazz up a stir-fry, eggs or avocado on toast; rumour has it it's great on a grilled steak or (shhh!) just eat straight from the jar. 

    Marries well with all egg dishes, poached, fried or scrambled. With a big crusty bit of bread and some crunchy kale perhaps?


  • Barefoot Farm Mixed Salad Leaves 100g

    Barefoot Farm Mixed Salad Leaves 100g

    Please wash before use. 

    Pesticide and chemical free. 

    Barefoot Farm from the heart of Dunhill. 


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