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Harry’s Nut Butter

Harry’s Nut Butter
Harry’s Nut Butter

Harry’s Nut Butter started out life as the house nut butter in The Fumbally café in Dublin 8. 

This Nut Butter with a hit of chili is super versatile. Incredible spread over hot toast,  add avocado to that toast, some flakey salt and toasted cumin and it’s nearly a meal! Add it to your cooking and simmer it into a soup for a west African twist, add some fish sauce and lime to it and it’s a sour and funky Malaysian style dipping sauce, lob it into a sandwich, it’s totally at home on a cheese board, try a toastie with kimchi, hot sauce, and taleggio. 

Harry trained in Culinary Arts in DIT and then going on to work in many of Dublin’s top restaurants, as well as fine dining establishments in London and San Sebastian. Sharing and sociability is key to a lot of his creations and this is where the inspiration for the nut butter came from.

"I don’t remember making the nut butter for the first time, I think I was just being bold and trying to sneak chilli into places where it didn’t belong. I love chilli and spice so clearly the nut butter was the home for this obsession… it’s somewhat smokey, kinda sweet and pretty salty. People really liked it!"

Now available instore and online!

  • Harry’s Nut Butter 330g

    Harry’s Nut Butter 330g

    Harry’s Nut Butter was born and raised in the Fumbally Café in Dublin 8. It’s slightly sweet, kind of salty. A little bit spicy and incredible on toast. Drizzle it on your roast veg, slather it on a cheese toastie, blitz it into a soup or simmer it in a sauce and then come back for more!


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