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Going green with our packaging, a worthwhile environmental investment

Consumer eco-awareness is at an all-time high and many of us now consider the environmental impact of products we purchase and their delivery to our door.
Both instore and online at ardkeen.com, we are committed to making environmentally conscious decisions, constantly reviewing and auditing our practices for areas of improvement.
This year we implemented a makeover of our hamper range focussing on sustainable materials, using wrapping, which was 100% recyclable, biodegradable or re-usable. Now we have invested to ensure we can do the same for every package we ship from ardkeen.com.

The Hyper Shredder transforms used or unusable cardboard into practical and effective packaging material. The cardboard elastic net generated by the machine, easily adapts to any type of packaging, providing remarkable impact resistance. 
This machine has given us the opportunity to recycle and re-use the cardboard from our stock deliveries converting them into high quality packing materials, an eco-alternative to plastic materials such as Bubble Wrap. The cardboard net is easily disposed of responsibly by our customers back into the circular recycling chain.

Additionally, we have also replaced packing tape with plant-based adhesive tape printed with water-based ink, which is completely biodegradable.
Our customers can now enjoy their purchases even more knowing they are being environmentally friendly without any additional effort or cost on their part.

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