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We are investing in new technologies and innovation to reduce our carbon footprint, increase our sustainability and put great local food centre stage.

Taking inspiration from nature
Taking inspiration from nature

Our Dry Mist displays are pioneering technology, inspired by the morning mist hanging over a crop field, it uses ultrasonic technology and purified water to make water droplets which are 1000x smaller than a raindrop, surrounding produce with fine mist.

As the mist evaporates, the humidity rises and the temperature drops naturally. This prevents produce losing moisture and maintains freshness, colour and nutrients for a significantly longer time, without getting wet.

This extremely safe method of extending shelf life is more sustainable than refrigeration as it reduces waste, energy consumption and CO2 emissions. 

The system is mounted within the first of several bespoke displays which are designed and crafted locally. We think the collaboration is the perfect complement for the display of fresh vegetables grown by Tom Cleary in Campile, Co Wexford (pictured above) and also by Des & Olive Thorpe on their organic farm outside New Ross.

Keeping cool and lowering the impact
Keeping cool and lowering the impact

We have in recent years installed a state-of-the-art refrigeration plant with smaller and more efficient power requirements. While open fronted fridges without doors make it easy for us to see and access chilled groceries, the powerful refrigerant used to keep produce cool is particularly damaging to the environment, so when the time came to replace our refrigerated units - we opted for doors! It was a simple choice to dramatically reduce energy consumption, with each cabinet now drawing less than 4.5amp [your kettle requires more power!]

Powering a greener Ardkeen
We have installed a 100KWp Solar PV Array consisting of 363 roof mounted panels on the roof of our Dunmore Road store.  These panels will generate up to 100,000KWh of renewable electricity per annum resulting in a saving of 60,000kg of C02 annually. 
The solar power technology is supplied and fitted by local company Enerpower, one of Ireland’s leading renewable energy companies with over 13 years’ experience in advanced energy technologies.

Unpacking the plastic

Consumer eco-awareness is at an all-time high and many of us now consider the environmental impact of products we purchase and their delivery to our door.

Both instore and online at ardkeen.com, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and ensuring all of our delivery packaging will be reusable or made from widely recyclable or home-compostable material.

To this end all of our curated hampers use recyclable corrugated kraft sleeves to protect delicate product, sealed with recyclable kraft tape and done away with all bubble wrap, instead using wood shred when required. The hamper boxes themselves are either cardboard kraft boxes, sturdy ply wood crates or natural wicker baskets made from steamed autumn willow, durable and versatile, options whose use will stretch beyond the consumption of the products contained inside.

We have also invested in a Hyper Shredder which transforms used or unusable cardboard into practical and effective packaging material. The cardboard elastic net generated by the machine, easily adapts to any type of packaging, providing remarkable impact resistance.

This machine has given us the opportunity to recycle and re-use the cardboard from our stock deliveries converting them into high quality packing materials, an eco-alternative to plastic materials such as Bubble Wrap. The cardboard net is easily disposed of responsibly by our customers back into the circular recycling chain.

Additionally, our kraft paper packaging tape has a plant-based adhesive tape printed with water-based ink, which is completely biodegradable.

Community matters

Local producers, makers, bakers and farmers are the key to our success and unique offering. We have built trusted relationships with our suppliers going back decades in many cases and work closely with them to ensure we are providing deliciously fresh, high-quality produce to our customers as well as ensuring we are supporting the viability of Irelands small food businesses.

This applies across the board in Ardkeen, whether we are sourcing displays stands for the store or online packaging, our first port of call is always a local craftsperson or manufacturer, it is a simple continuation of our ethos to source local where possible and the perfect complement for the Irish food it keeps fresh and displays.

The takeaway
From the store floor to goods inwards, we have been quietly forging a greener future, with a view to eliminating waste and supporting renewable packaging our takeaway coffee and juice cups have been biodegradable for many years, we provide compostable and paper bags for our fresh produce and although we encourage our customers to reuse their grocery bags, we also provide both bags for life and paper carriers.

We're always trying to improve, that's why we'd love to hear your thoughts on how we can innovate towards a more sustainable Ardkeen. Please email us your thought at customerservice@ardkeen.com 

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