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In conjunction with the award winning chef Martin Dwyer, previously of Dwyer’s Restaurant in Waterford, we’ve devised a range of deliciously inspirational recipes and meal ideas for you to enjoy.

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, cooking for one, or trying to spice up your traditional Sunday dinner –these recipes will help make your mealtimes sensational.

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Main Ingredient:

A Dish from Provence, from the Alpilles Hills north of MarseilleMeatMain CourseYesYes
A RECIPE FOR A SALADVegetarianSide Dish
A Valentines Dinner at Home.PoultryMain CourseYesYes
African Orange and Lime ChickenPoultryMain CourseYesYes
AligotVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Alsace PotatoesVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Alsatian Onion TartVegetarianDessertYesYes
Aonghus's FalafelsVegetarianSoup / SnackYes
Apple and Almond TartletsSweetDessert
Apple and Cheddar CakeSweetDessert
Apple and Cider Snow with MacaroonsSweetDessertYesYes
Apple BrownieVegetarianDessert
Apple Celery and Walnut Salad.VegetarianSide Dish
Apple ClafoutisSweetDessertYesYes
Apple CurdSweetDessertYesYes
Apple Hazelnut and Honey TartSweetDessertYesYes
Apple Tart with Cinnamon and LemonVegetarianMain Course
Apricot and Almond TrifleSweetDessertYesYes
Apricot JamSweetSide DishYesYes
Armenian MushroomsVegetarianSide Dish
Asparagus and Lettuce SoupVegetarianSoup / SnackYes
Asparagus and Mushroom Risotto( serves 4 as a starter)VegetarianMain CourseYesYes
Asparagus Braised in ButterVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Asparagus TartVegetarianMain CourseYesYes
Asparagus with Scrambled EggPoultrySoup / SnackYesYes
Aubergine CaviarFishMiscellaneous
Aubergine Stuffed with Couscous and PinenutsVegetarianSide DishYes
Avocado SalsaVegetarianSide Dish
Avocado, Bacon and Rocket SaladMeatSide Dish
Bacon and Cabbage SoupMeatSoup / Snack
Bacon and Pea RisottoMeatMain CourseYesYes
Bacon and Pea RisottoMeatMain CourseYes
Banana and Ginger Bread and Butter PuddingVegetarianDessert
Banana and Ginger Bread and Butter PuddingVegetarianDessert
Barbecue MarinadesMeatSoup / Snack
Barbecue Relishes VegetarianSoup / Snack
Barm BrackSweetSoup / SnackYesYes
Barm BrackSweetMiscellaneous
Barm BrackSweetMiscellaneous
Basque Pepper BeansVegetarianSide Dish
Bass Fillets with Pak ChoyFishMain CourseYesYes
Bay Baked New PotatoesVegetarianSide Dish
Bay Baked New PotatoesVegetarianMiscellaneous
Beef Bourguignon (for 6 to 8)MeatMain CourseYesYes
Beef Bourguignon (for 6 to 8)MeatMain CourseYesYes
Beef Bourguignon (for 6 to 8)MeatMain Course
Beef Steak and Kidney PieMeatMain Course
Beef Stew with Garlic and ShallotsMeatMain Course
Bellini CocktailsSweetMiscellaneous
Black Olive Dip and Tuna DipFishSide DishYesYes
Black Pudding and Mushroom Wholewheat RisottoMeatMain Course
Blackberry and Apple CrumbleSweetDessert
Blackberry Fool, with Little Almond BiscuitsSweetDessert
Blackberry MillefeuillesSweetDessert
Boeuf en Daube a la ProvencalFishDessertYesYes
Boeuf en Daube a la Provencal (Feeds 8 to 10)MeatMain Course
Boston Baked BeansMeatSide DishYesYes
Bouillabaisse de Poulet.PoultryMain CourseYesYes
Bouillabaisse of Free Range Chicken LegsPoultryMain CourseYes
Bouillabaisse of Mussels With Garlic Hollandaise.FishMain Course
Bourride of Monkfish and MusselsFishMain CourseYesYes
Bourride of Smoked Haddock with AioliFishSide Dish
Bourride of Smoked Haddock with AioliFishMain Course
Braised Fennel with OnionVegetarianSide Dish
Braised Loin of Pork with ApplesMeatMain CourseYesYes
Braised Red CabbageVegetarianSide Dish
Brandade of Smoked HaddockFishStarter
Brandy Butter Cranberry and Orange JellySweetDessertYesYes
Brandy Custard and Whiskey ButterSweetSide Dish
Breast of Chicken Stir fried with Mushrooms,Almonds and Lemon.PoultryMain CourseYesYes
Breast of Free-Range Chicken with Mushrooms and Parma Ham.PoultryMain CourseYesYes
BriocheVegetarianSide Dish
Broccoli Soup with RashersVegetarianSoup / Snack
Brochettes of Monkfish with Provencal Fried Rice and Red Pepper Sauce.(6)FishMain Course
Brown Bread Ice CreamSweetDessert
Brown Bread Ice CreamVegetarianDessertYesYes
Brown Soda BreadVegetarianMiscellaneous
Brown Soda FarlsVegetarianMiscellaneous
Brown Soda FarlsVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Brown StewMeatMain Course
Brown StewMeatMain CourseYesYes
Brown StewMeatMain Course
Bruschetta with a Tomato and Bacon SaladVegetarianStarterYesYes
Brussels Sprouts with Garlic and GingerVegetarianSide Dish
Buche de NoelSweetDessertYesYes
Buche de NoelSweetDessert
Butternut Squash braised in Apple JuiceVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Cajun Blackened Cod (or Hake or Bass)FishMain CourseYesYes
Camille’s PizzaVegetarianMain CourseYesYes
Caneton BigaradePoultryMain CourseYesYes
Cappuccino TiramisuSweetDessertYesYes
Caramelised Onion SoupSweetSoup / SnackYesYes
Cardamom CakeSweetDessert
Cardamom CakeSweetDessert
Carrot and Cumin SoupVegetarianSoup / SnackYes
Carrot and Ginger CakeSweetDessertYesYes
Carrot and Parsnip BurgersVegetarianMain CourseYesYes
Carrot PureéVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Cassoulet of Duck and SausagePoultrySoup / Snack
Cauliflower and Parsley SoupSweetSoup / SnackYesYes
Cauliflower Cheese SouffléVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Celariac and Walnut Soup.VegetarianSoup / SnackYesYes
Celeriac and Celery Soup with Toasted AlmondsVegetarianSoup / SnackYesYes
Celeriac and Coriander Soup.VegetarianSoup / Snack
Celeriac and Pea SoupVegetarianSoup / SnackYes
Cheese and Chutney SandwichesVegetarianDessertYesYes
Cherry and White Chocolate MousseSweetDessertYesYes
Cherry ClafoutisSweetDessertYesYes
Cherry Tomato and Coolea Cheese Sauce for PastaVegetarianMain CourseYesYes
Cherry Tomato SaladVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Cherry Tomato Salad.VegetarianStarterYes
Cherry Tomato Tarts with Black Olive Dressing.VegetarianStarter
Chicken Breasts Stir Fried with Almond and Lemon.PoultryMain Course
Chicken in RatatouillePoultryMain CourseYesYes
Chicken Leek and Mushroom PiePoultryMain CourseYesYes
Chicken Legs with White WinePoultryMain Course
Chicken Tangiers with rice and saladMeatMain Course
Chicken Thighs with Chickpeas and TomatoesPoultryMain CourseYesYes
Chicken Thighs with Mustard and Balsamic Vinegar.PoultryMain CourseYesYes
Chicken Thighs with Tomatoes and OlivesPoultryMain CourseYes
Chicken with Aubergine and TomatoPoultryMain CourseYes
Chicken with Cumin and GarlicPoultryMain Course
Chicken with Cumin and PeppersPoultryMain Course
Chicken with FennelPoultryMain Course
Chicken with Lime and GingerPoultryMain CourseYesYes
Chicken with Mushrooms, Tarragon and Vermouth serves 4PoultryMain CourseYesYes
Chicken with Orange Honey and GingerPoultryMain Course
Chicken with Tarragon and VermouthPoultryMain Course
Chicken, Scallop and Mushroom Pie (for two)PoultryMain CourseYesYes
Chickpea FalafelsVegetarianMain CourseYesYes
Chilled Melon and Ginger SoupVegetarianDessertYesYes
Chilled Pea and Mint SoupVegetarianSoup / Snack
Chinese Fried Rice(4)VegetarianSide Dish
Chocolate and Olive Oil Mousse.VegetarianDessert
Chocolate and Orange TartSweetDessertYesYes
Chocolate and Whiskey TartVegetarianDessert
Chocolate Beetroot CakeSweetDessertYesYes
Chocolate ÉclairsSweetDessertYesYes
Chocolate Hazelnut BrowniesSweetDessertYesYes
Chocolate Orange and Almond CakeVegetarianDessert
Chocolate-Crusted Lemon TartSweetDessertYesYes
Christmas BaklavaSweetDessertYesYes
Christmas CakeSweetMiscellaneous
Christmas Ice Cream BombeSweetDessert
Christmas Ice Cream BombeSweetDessertYesYes
Christmas MincemeatSweetDessertYesYes
Christmas MincemeatSweetDessert
Christmas StuffingVegetarianSide Dish
Christmas StuffingVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Christmas Walnut MuffinsVegetarianDessertYesYes
Cinnamon Ice-creamSweetDessertYesYes
Cinnamon Ice-cream (No Churn)VegetarianDessert
Citrus and Honey SaladSweetMiscellaneousYes
Cod and Mussel PieFishMain CourseYesYes
Cod En Papillote with Stir Fried VegetablesFishMain CourseYesYes
ColcannonVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Compote of Rhubarb with Red Wine and VanillaSweetDessert
Confit of Duck LegsPoultryMain CourseYesYes
Cook Book recommendations for ChristmasFishMiscellaneous
Cooking a Whole SalmonFishMain CourseYesYes
Corned Beef with Horseradish Sauce and Glazed CarrotsMeatMain Course
Corned Beef with Horseradish Sauce and Glazed CarrotsMeatMain CourseYesYes
Corsican Strawberry ShortbreadSweetDessertYesYes
Corsican Strawberry ShortbreadSweetDessert
Courgette and Cheese SouffleVegetarianMain CourseYesYes
Courgette and Feta FrittersVegetarianDessertYesYes
Courgette Cakes with DillVegetarianSide Dish
Crab Cakes with GingerFishMain CourseYes
Cranberry and Port Wine SorbetVegetarianStarterYes
Cranberry SauceVegetarianSide Dish
Creamy Tomato Soup with PestoVegetarianSoup / Snack
Creamy Tomato Soup with PestoVegetarianSoup / SnackYesYes
Crème BrûléeSweetSoup / Snack
Creme CaramelSweetDessert
Crushed Parsnips with Orange and GingerVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Crushed Turnips with Orange and GingerVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Curried Lentils or DhalVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Dani’s White Pudding StarterMeatStarterYesYes
Date and Walnut TartFishDessertYesYes
Daube de TaureauMeatMain Course
Dauphinoise Potatoes.VegetarianSide DishYesYes
Dillisk Raisin and Carrot BreadVegetarianMiscellaneous
Dillisk Raisin and Carrot Bread (for 3X1 kg(2lb) Loaf Tins.VegetarianMiscellaneousYes
Donal Moore’s Tuna StewFishMain CourseYesYes
Dublin Bay Prawn Risotto (6)FishMain CourseYes
Dublin Bay Prawns and Carrageen AspicVegetarianStarterYes
Duck Breasts with Honey and GingerPoultryMain CourseYesYes
Dulse Soda SconesVegetarianSoup / SnackYes
Dunmore East Fresh Scallops TartletsFishStarterYesYes
Earl Grey Fruit CakeSweetDessertYesYes
Edward’s Apple & Rhubarb Crumble CakeSweetDessertYesYes
Eggs OlafFishSoup / Snack
Elderflower SorbetSweetStarterYes
Elderflower SyrupSweetMiscellaneous
Extra Light Mashed PotatoVegetarianSide Dish
Farmhouse Souffle OmeletteFishMain CourseYesYes
Farmhouse Soufflé OmeletteMeatMain CourseYesYes
Faugeres ChickenPoultryMain CourseYesYes
Fennel and Cod Soup. (Serves 4)FishSoup / Snack
Fennel and Mackerel Soup.FishSoup / SnackYesYes
Fennel ShortbreadVegetarianMiscellaneous
Fifteen Minute MarmaladeVegetarianMiscellaneous
Fillets of cod FishMain Course
Fillets of Tuna BasqueseFishMain Course
Fishermans Souffle PieFishMain Course
French Apple TartSweetDessert
French Apple TartSweetDessert
French Bean and Red Pepper SaladVegetarianSide DishYesYes
French Bean and Red Pepper SaladVegetarianSide DishYesYes
French Cheese and Ham OmeletteMeatSoup / SnackYesYes
French Onion SoupVegetarianSoup / Snack
French Onion SoupVegetarianSoup / Snack
Fromage Frais DressingVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Garden Salad with Dulse and WalnutsVegetarianSoup / SnackYesYes
Garlic CroutonsVegetarianSoup / Snack
Garlic Crumbed Chicken with Red PeppersPoultryMain CourseYesYes
Garlic Roast Chicken with Spicy Cous Cous StuffingPoultryMain Course
GazpachoVegetarianSoup / Snack
Ginger, Nut, and Carrot CakeSweetDessert
Ginger, Walnut and Banana CakeSweetDessertYesYes
Glazed Back Bacon with glazed carrots and horseradish sauceMeatMain Course
Glazed Back Bacon with red cabbage and mustard and orange sauceMeatMain Course
Glazed CarrotsVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Glazed Five-Spiced Duck BreastsPoultryMain Course
Glazed Loin of BaconMeatMain Course
Glazed Loin of BaconMeatDessertYesYes
Glazed Parsnips with Orange and HoneyVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Gooseberry and Elderflower JamSweetMiscellaneous
Goujons of Mackerel with Garlic MayonnaiseFishSoup / Snack
Gratin of Aubergine with Goats CheeseVegetarianSide Dish
GravlaxFishMain CourseYes
GravlaxFishSide Dish
Greek Tomato Salad (for 4)VegetarianSide DishYes
Green Cabbage ArdennaiseVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Green Cabbage with GarlicVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Green Tomato SoupVegetarianSoup / Snack
Greenhouse SaladVegetarianSide DishYes
Grilled Courgette and Aubergine PieVegetarianSide Dish
Grilled Honeyed Salmon Fillets with Sauce VerteFishMain CourseYesYes
Grilled Pork, Spiced Cauliflower and PotatoFishDessertYesYes
Hake (or Cod) with A Herb Topping and Caper Butter Stuffing.FishMain Course
Hake in a Parcel with Stir Fried VegetablesFishMain CourseYesYes
Hazelnut CakeVegetarianSoup / Snack
Herb Sauce for FishFishMain CourseYes
Honey and Walnut TartSweetDessertYesYes
Honey Roast Carrots and CelariacVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Honey Roast Carrots and CelariacVegetarianSide Dish
Honey Roast Chicken with Ginger and OrangePoultryDessertYesYes
Hot ColeslawVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Hot Courgette SaladVegetarianSide Dish
Hot Courgette TerrineVegetarianMain CourseYesYes
Hot Cross BunsVegetarianSoup / SnackYes
Hummus with TahiniVegetarianSoup / Snack
Iced Christmas PuddingSweetDessertYesYes
Iced Nectarine and Almond Nougat with a Nectarine SauceFishSide Dish
Iced Nectarine and Almond Nougat with a Nectarine SauceSweetDessert
Indonesian Satay SauceMeatMain Course
Irish StewMeatMain Course
Irish StewMeatMain Course
Irish StewMeatMain CourseYesYes
Italian Bean SoupVegetarianSoup / Snack
Italian Fresh Tomato SoupVegetarianSoup / Snack
Italian Omelette of Bacon and CheeseMeatSoup / SnackYesYes
Jamaican Jerk ChickenPoultryMain Course
Joe Moore’s ChutneyVegetarianSide Dish
Joe Moore's Apple JellySweetDessertYesYes
John Dory with Herb Sauce from QuimperFishMain Course
Kedgeree of KippersFishMain Course
Kevin’s Lemon Meringue ‘Trifle’SweetDessertYesYes
KippersFishMain Course
Kombu Soup VegetarianSoup / SnackYes
La Bourride de LanguedocFishMain Course
La Tarte aux PommesSweetDessertYesYes
Lamb Cutlets with Mustard and RosemaryMeatMain Course
Lamb Cutlets with Mustard and RosemaryMeatMain CourseYesYes
Lambs Kidneys with Seedy MustardMeatStarter
Lambs Kidneys with Shallots and SherryMeatStarter
Languedoc Lamb StewMeatMain Course
Languedoc PissaladiéreVegetarianSoup / SnackYesYes
Lasagne Al FornoMeatMain CourseYesYes
Leek and Potato SoupVegetarianSoup / Snack
Lemon and Coconut ChickenPoultryMain Course
Lemon Carrageen Moss PuddingVegetarianDessertYes
Lemon Souffle PancakesSweetDessert
Lemon Souffle PancakesSweetDessertYesYes
Lentil and Bacon SoupMeatSoup / Snack
Lentil and Bacon SoupMeatSoup / Snack
Lime and Lemon PavlovaSweetDessert
Little Almond BiscuitsVegetarianMiscellaneous
Little Almond BiscuitsSweetMiscellaneousYesYes
Little Pots of Dark Chocolate and BaileysSweetDessertYesYes
Mackerel in Pinhead Oatmeal with Mustard and Lemon.FishMain CourseYesYes
Mackerel in Pinhead Oatmeal with Rhubarb RelishFishSoup / Snack
Madame`s Raspberry JamSweetStarterYesYes
Malted Brown BreadVegetarianMiscellaneous
Marinaded Salmon with Melon and Honey and Ginger Dressing.FishSide Dish
Market Gardener's PieMeatMain CourseYes
Marquise of White Chocolate and BaileysVegetarianDessert
Mascarpone Cheesecake with Ginger and LimeSweetDessert
Meatballs with Tomato Sauce and PastaMeatMain CourseYesYes
Micah's TrufflesSweetDessertYesYes
Michaels AsparagusVegetarianStarterYesYes
Millefeuille of Smoked SalmonFishSide Dish
Mincemeat and Apple BaklavaSweetDessertYesYes
Monkfish in Breadcrumbs with Pepper and Garlic MayonnaiseFishMain Course
Monkfish with Balsamic Tomato Sauce and Smokey BaconFishMain CourseYesYes
Monkfish with Balsamic Tomato Sauce and Smokey BaconFishMain Course
Monkfish With Blackpeppercorns and Smoked Bacon.FishMain Course
Monkfish with Melted Tomatoes and Anchovy Mayonnaise.FishMain Course
Monkfish With Sate SauceFishMain Course
Monkfish wrapped in Bacon with Tomato Chilli SauceFishMain Course
Moorish Chocolate and Orange TartSweetDessertYesYes
Moorish Roast Lamb with Pistachio SauceMeatMain Course
Moorish Roast Lamb with Pistachio SauceMeatMain Course
Moorish Roast Lamb with Pistachio SauceMeatMain CourseYesYes
Moroccan Barbecued LambMeatMain CourseYes
Moroccan Carrot and Date SaladVegetarianSoup / SnackYesYes
Mulled WineSweetMiscellaneous
Multi Seed Wholemeal Scones with Citrus Crème FraicheFishSoup / SnackYesYes
Multi Seed Wholemeal Yeast BreadVegetarianMiscellaneous
Mushroom and Cashel Blue Pancakes with Mustard Fromage FraisVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Mushroom and Smoked Mackerel Sauce for PastaFishMain CourseYesYes
Mushroom PasteVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Mushrooms StroganoffVegetarianSide Dish
Mushrooms with Roast Garlic DressingVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Mushrooms with Roast Garlic DressingVegetarianStarter
Mussel RisottoFishMain CourseYesYes
Mussel RisottoFishMain Course
Mussel Soup with Fennel and SaffronFishSoup / SnackYesYes
Mussels BontempsFishMain CourseYesYes
Mussels Valras PlageFishMain CourseYesYes
Mustard Glazed Loin of BaconMeatMain CourseYesYes
My Moules FritesFishMain CourseYesYes
Myrtle Allen’s Irish StewMeatMain Course
Nectarine and Tomato SaladVegetarianSide Dish
Nectarine and Tomato SaladVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Nectarine and Tomato SaladVegetarianSide Dish
Nectarine BruleeFishDessert
Nell Flaherty’s Cabbage.VegetarianSide Dish
Neptune Focaccia with Olives and CapersVegetarianSide DishYesYes
New Coleslaw RecipeVegetarianSide Dish
New Potato and Dill SaladVegetarianSide Dish
New Potato Salad with Cucumber and MintVegetarianSide Dish
North African Chicken (for 4)PoultryMain Course
North African Roast Vegetable CouscousVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Olive Oil Roast Cod with Red Pepper and Tomato SalsaFishMain Course
Open Tomato and Knockalara Cheese TartVegetarianStarter
Open Tomato and Knockalara Cheese Tart Cratloe Hills cheese can be substitutedVegetarianStarter
Orange and Almond CakeSweetDessert
Orange Ginger and Apple MuffinsSweetDessertYesYes
Orange Madeira CakeSweetDessertYesYes
Orecchette with Salmon and Smoked Salmon SauceFishMain Course
Oven Fried Fish with Carrots and Wedge PotatoesFishMain Course
Oven Poached Salmon with Lime Hollandaise.FishMain Course
Pan Roasted Lemon Chicken(4)PoultryMain CourseYesYes
Pancake Fruit and Yoghurt BreakfastVegetarianSoup / Snack
Pancake, Fruit and Yoghurt BreakfastSweetDessertYesYes
Pancake, Fruit and Yoghurt Breakfast.VegetarianMiscellaneousYes
Parmesan BiscuitsSweetMiscellaneousYesYes
Passion Fruit Creme BruleeSweetDessert
Passion Fruit PavlovaSweetDessert
Pea and Mint SoupVegetarianSoup / Snack
Pea and Mint SoupVegetarianSoup / SnackYesYes
Peach ClafoutisSweetDessert
Peach CobblerSweetDessert
Peach CrumbleSweetSoup / Snack
Pickled CucumberVegetarianSoup / Snack
Picnic OmeletteMeatSide Dish
Picnic SandwichesMeatSoup / Snack
Pissaladiére of Red Pepper and Goat’s CheeseVegetarianSoup / SnackYesYes
Plum and Almond TartSweetDessert
Plum ClafoutisSweetDessertYesYes
Plum JamSweetSide DishYesYes
Poached Plaice with Mussels and FennelFishMain CourseYesYes
Poached EggsPoultrySoup / SnackYes
Poached Fillets of Brill with Chervil Beurre Blanc.FishMain CourseYesYes
Poached Gingered Rhubarb with Banana and Apricot BreadSweetDessert
Poached Hake with Lemon MushroomsFishMain Course
Poached Hollandaise of FishFishMain Course
Poached Hollandaise of FishFishMain CourseYesYes
Poached Plaice with Burmese SauceFishMain Course
Poached Salmon with Spiced CarrotFishMain Course
Poached Tarragon and Lemon Chicken.PoultryMain Course
Poached Tarragon and Lemon Chicken.PoultryMain CourseYesYes
Pommes AnnaVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Pork ArdennesMeatMain Course
Pork Chops from NormandyMeatMain CourseYesYes
Pork Chops with Mushrooms and JuniperMeatMain CourseYesYes
Pork Fillet with Plum and Ginger Sauce With Glazed CarrotsMeatMain CourseYesYes
Pork Fillet with White Pudding and Apple (serves 4)MeatMain CourseYesYes
Pork Steak in Puff Pastry stuffed with Bacon and MushroomsMeatMain Course
Pork Steak Stuffed Prunes and BaconMeatMain CourseYesYes
Pork Steak Stuffed Prunes and Bacon With Apple and Mustard RelishMeatMain Course
Pork Steak Stuffed with Apricots and Pine NutsMeatMain Course
Pork Steak Stuffed with Bacon and Celery(4-6 People)MeatMain Course
Pork Steak Stuffed with White Pudding and PistachioMeatMain Course
Pork Steak with Apricot Stuffing.MeatMain Course
Pork Steak with Balsamic Vinegar and Honey.MeatMain Course
Pork Steak with Pak ChoyMeatMain Course
Pork Steak with Pak ChoyMeatMain CourseYesYes
Pork Steak with Prunes and Cream(for 4)MeatMain Course
Pot Roasted Pork with Root VegetablesMeatMain Course
Potato Salad with DillVegetarianMiscellaneous
Poulet a l'EstragonPoultryMain Course
Prawn RisottoFishMain CourseYesYes
Provencal Tomato SauceVegetarianMiscellaneous
Pumpkin PieSweetDessertYesYes
Ragout of Autumn Vegetables in a Cheese Gougere.VegetarianMain CourseYes
Ranchhouse EggsPoultrySoup / SnackYesYes
Ranchhouse Eggs( for 4 )FishSoup / Snack
Raspberry and Almond TartSweetDessert
Raspberry and Almond TartSweetDessert
Raspberry ClafoutisSweetDessert
Raspberry Ice CreamSweetMain CourseYesYes
Ray Wing NiçoiseFishDessertYesYes
Ray Wing with Black ButterFishMain Course
Ray Wing with Black ButterFishMain CourseYesYes
Real Peach MelbaSweetDessert
Redcurrant and Apple JellyVegetarianSoup / Snack
Rev. Sydney Smith’s Salad DressingVegetarianSide Dish
Rhubarb and Almond PuddingSweetDessert
Rhubarb and Almond PuddingSweetDessertYesYes
Rhubarb and Ginger CrumbleSweetDessertYesYes
Rhubarb and Ginger Ice CreamSweetDessert
Rhubarb and Hazelnut ClafoutisSweetDessertYesYes
Rhubarb ClafoutisSweetDessertYesYes
Rhubarb Compote with Dark Ginger Cake.SweetDessert
Rhubarb MousseSweetDessertYesYes
Rhubarb Orange and Ginger PureeSweetDessertYesYes
Rhubarb Orange and Pernod Fool.SweetDessert
Rhubarb TartSweetDessertYesYes
Rillettes of Smoked and Fresh SalmonFishMain CourseYesYes
Rillettes of Smoked MackerelFishSoup / Snack
Roast Breast of Chicken with Olives and AnchoviesPoultryMain Course
Roast Brill with Two FennelsFishMain Course
Roast Chicken Legs with Olive Oil and Lemon.PoultryDessertYesYes
Roast Chicken Marcel ProustPoultryMain CourseYesYes
Roast Chicken with Ginger, Orange and Honey.PoultryMain CourseYesYes
Roast Leg of Lamb with Garlic and RosemaryMeatMain Course
Roast loin of Lamb with Bacon and Thyme StuffingMeatMain Course
Roast Loin of Lamb with Black Olive StuffingMeatMain CourseYesYes
Roast Loin of Lamb with Orange and Mint Stuffing.MeatMain CourseYesYes
Roast Loin of Pork with Bacon and Apricot StuffingMeatMain CourseYesYes
Roast Loin of Pork with Bacon and Apricot StuffingMeatMain Course
Roast Moroccan Lamb DinnerMeatMain CourseYesYes
Roast Salmon with Lemon and HoneyFishMain CourseYesYes
Roast Shoulder of Lamb with Apricot, Orange, and Mint Stuffing.MeatMain Course
Roast Shoulder of Lamb with North African SpicesMeatMain Course
Roast Shoulder of Lamb with Yoghurt and Fresh CorianderFishDessertYesYes
Roast Sirloin of Beef with Red Wine GravyMeatMain Course
Roast Spiced Pork FilletMeatMain Course
Roasted Tomato Soup with Fresh Summer HerbsVegetarianSoup / SnackYesYes
Salad of CouscousVegetarianSoup / Snack
Salade Nicoise for SupperFishMain CourseYesYes
Sally Barnes Kippers on Toast with Mustard Relish FishSide Dish
Salmon and Smoked Salmon PieFishMain Course
Salmon and Smoked Salmon PieFishMain CourseYesYes
Salmon in Pastry with Ginger and CurrantsFishMain CourseYesYes
Salmon with Sorrel SauceFishMain Course
Satay Cooking, Pork, Beef or Chicken SatayMeatMain Course
Scallops with Dill and GarlicFishMain Course
Scallops with SpaghettiFishMain Course
Scotch EggsPoultrySide DishYesYes
Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Haddock.FishSoup / Snack
Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Haddock.FishSoup / Snack
Scrambled Eggs with Smoked SalmonFishMiscellaneousYesYes
Seafood RisottoFishMain CourseYes
Seed and Nut BreadSweetSide Dish
Sesame and Cumin Potato CakesVegetarianSide Dish
Sesame and Herb Potato CakesVegetarianSide Dish
Sesame CabbageVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Sesame CabbageVegetarianSide DishYes
Sesame Crab Cakes with Spicy Baby Spinach.FishMain CourseYes
Seville Orange MarmaladeSweetSide DishYesYes
Shepherds PieMeatMain Course
Shin of Beef A La GardianeMeatMain CourseYesYes
Síles Chicken Curry with RaitaMeatMain CourseYesYes
Simple PeachesSweetDessert
Slow cooked Pork Chops in Apple JuiceMeatMain CourseYesYes
Slow cooked Pork Chops in Apple JuiceMeatMain Course
Slow Roast Shank of Lamb St Davids. For 4MeatMain Course
Smoked Cod and Salmon PieFishMain Course
Smoked Fish and Cheese Pancakes.FishMain Course
Smoked Fish ChowderFishSoup / SnackYes
Smoked Fish ChowderFishSoup / SnackYesYes
Smoked Haddock and Bacon RisottoFishMain Course
Smoked Haddock and Leek PieFishMain Course
Smoked Haddock and Mushroom PieFishMain CourseYes
Smoked Haddock ChowderFishSoup / SnackYes
Smoked Haddock ChowderFishSoup / SnackYesYes
Smoked Haddock Pilaf FishMain CourseYes
Smoked Haddock PilafFishMain CourseYesYes
Smoked Haddock Potato CakesFishMain CourseYesYes
Smoked Haddock Potato Cakes.FishMain Course
Smoked Haddock Potato Cakes.FishMain Course
Smoked Mackerel Dip.FishSoup / Snack
Smoked Mackerel Dip.FishSoup / SnackYesYes
Smoked Mackerel Potato CakesFishStarter
Smoked Mackerel Potato Cakes.FishStarterYes
Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese SandwichesFishSide DishYesYes
Smoked Salmon and Dill TartFishMain CourseYesYes
Smoked Salmon and Puff Pastry MillefeuilleFishMain CourseYesYes
Smoked Salmon GateauxFishStarterYesYes
Smoked Salmon SouffléFishMain CourseYesYes
Smoked Salmon with Boxty Potatoes with Escoffier SauceFishMain Course
Sole a la Bonne FemmeFishMain CourseYesYes
Souffle Arnold BennettFishMain Course
Soufflé Arnold BennettFishMain CourseYesYes
Souffle MoussakaMeatMain CourseYesYes
Southern Fried Chicken with Garlic CreamPoultryMain Course
Soy and Garlic Sauce for SteaksMeatMain CourseYes
Spaghetti BologneseMeatMain CourseYes
Spanish TortillaVegetarianSoup / Snack
Spiced BeefMeatMain Course
Spiced Carrot and Celery SoupVegetarianSoup / Snack
Spiced Chicken and Butternut SquashPoultryMain Course
Spiced Chicken and Raita SandwichesPoultrySide DishYesYes
Spiced Comeragh Mountain Lamb Burgers with Tomato & Chilli RelishMeatMain CourseYesYes
Spiced Meatballs with Caramelized Onions.MeatMain Course
Spiced Meatballs with Caramelized Onions.MeatMain CourseYesYes
Spiced Pumpkin SoupFishDessertYesYes
Spicy Bread and Butter PuddingSweetDessert
Spicy Chickpea SaladVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Spicy Chickpea SaladVegetarianSide Dish
Spicy St. Stephen's Day Stir FryMeatSoup / SnackYes
Spinach and Bacon QuicheMeatMain CourseYesYes
Spinach and Feta Cheese PancakesVegetarianDessertYesYes
Spinach and Herb PilaffVegetarianMiscellaneous
Spinach SouffleVegetarianMain Course
Spinach Soup with Crispy BaconMeatSoup / SnackYes
Spring Cabbage ColcannonVegetarianSide Dish
Spring Cabbage Soup with BaconVegetarianMain Course
Spring Cabbage Soup with BaconMeatSoup / Snack
Spring Cabbage with Apple and OnionVegetarianSide Dish
Spring Cabbage with Lemon and GingerVegetarianSide Dish
St Stephens Day blackened SalmonFishMain CourseYesYes
Steak Diane and Swede & Parsnip GratinMeatMain CourseYesYes
Steak with Sauce FrancoiseMeatMain Course
Steamed Salmon wrapped in Kombu (Serves 4)FishMain CourseYes
Stews.MeatMain Course
Stews.MeatMain Course
Sticky Toffee PuddingSweetSoup / Snack
Stir Fried Chicken with Swiss ChardPoultryMain CourseYesYes
Stir Fried Monkfish with FennelFishMain Course
Stir Fried Pork Sate with Rice (for 4)MeatMain Course
Strawberries with Orange and Grand MarnierSweetDessert
Strawberry and Almond TartSweetDessert
Strawberry and Basil Ice CreamSweetDessertYesYes
Strawberry Ice CreamSweetDessertYesYes
Strawberry Ice CreamSweetDessertYesYes
Strawberry Meringue GateauVegetarianDessert
Strawberry Meringue GateauSweetDessertYesYes
Strawberry Mille FeuillesSweetDessertYesYes
Strawberry PavlovaSweetDessertYesYes
Stuffed MusselsFishMain CourseYesYes
Stuffed MusselsFishStarter
Summer Fruit TrifleSweetDessert
Sun Dried Tomato BreadVegetarianMiscellaneous
Swede Turnip with Bacon and ShallotVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Tagliatelle of Salmon and Smoked SalmonFishMain CourseYes
Tagliatelle with Herbed Meatballs and VegetablesMeatMain Course
Tagliatelle with Herbed Meatballs and VegetablesMeatMain Course
Tagliatelle with Mushrooms and HamMeatSoup / Snack
Tagliatelle with Mushrooms and HamMeatMain CourseYes
Tagliatelle with Red Pepper and OlivesMeatMain Course
Tarte des Demoiselles TatinSweetDessertYesYes
Ten Tips for Cooking FishFishMiscellaneous
The Perfect Christmas Dessert Iced meringue cake with roast figs and plums in amarettoSweetDessertYesYes
The Perfect Christmas NibblesSweetStarterYesYes
The Perfect Christmas Starter Warm salad of cashel blue cheese with apples and almondsVegetarianStarterYesYes
The Perfect Christmas StuffingMeatSide DishYesYes
The Salmon of Knowledge.FishMain CourseYes
Three Onion SoupVegetarianSoup / Snack
Tomato & Chilli SalsaVegetarianMiscellaneousYesYes
Tomato and Goat’s Cheese TartletsVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Tomato and Winter Vegetable SoupVegetarianSoup / Snack
Tomato and Yoghurt SaladVegetarianSoup / SnackYesYes
Tomato BreadVegetarianSide DishYesYes
Tomato SaladVegetarianSide Dish
Traditional BarmbrackSweetMiscellaneous
Traditional New Potatoes.VegetarianSide Dish
Tuna and Mussels with Tomatoes and OlivesFishMain Course
Tuna and Mussels with Tomatoes and OlivesFishMain Course
Tuna with Mussels and OlivesFishMain CourseYesYes
Tunisian Lamb CouscousMeatMain Course
Turkey StuffingPoultrySide Dish
Useful Christmas Recipes available on Martin Dwyers website;VegetarianMiscellaneous
Valentines SoupVegetarianSoup / Snack
Vegetable Fusilli Al Forno with Goats CheeseVegetarianMain CourseYes
Viennese Pork FilletMeatMain Course
Wakame and Onion Sauce for FishFishMiscellaneousYes
Wakame SaladVegetarianSoup / SnackYesYes
Walnut BreadVegetarianSoup / Snack
Warm Salad of Chicken Livers and GrapesPoultryMain CourseYesYes
Warm salad of Chicken with North African Spices.PoultryMain CourseYesYes
Warm salad of Chicken with North African Spices.PoultrySide Dish
Warm Salad of White PuddingMeatSide DishYesYes
Whiskey and Tea BrackVegetarianMiscellaneous
Whiskey and Tea BrackSweetMiscellaneous
Whiskey and Tea BrackSweetMiscellaneous
White Chocolate and Orange CheesecakeSweetDessertYesYes
White Chocolate and Pistachio BrowniesSweetDessert
White Chocolate and Strawberry CheesecakeSweetDessert
Wholemeal Yeast BreadVegetarianSide Dish
Wild Mushroom ChowderVegetarianSoup / Snack
Woodcock Smokery Hot Smoked Tuna Recipes.FishSoup / Snack
Woodcock Smokery Kippers recipes and suggestions.FishSoup / Snack
Woodcock Smokery Smoked Haddock Recipes.FishSoup / Snack
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