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Take Ours Back to Yours


Ours’ is… Great Food, Direct from our Community of Irish Producers, Growers & Farmers.
This is not a new message from us at Ardkeen, we’ve been extolling the virtues of food grown & made locally or nationally on a small scale for the best part of our 45-year existence. However, we thought that it was time to remind ourselves and our customers why it’s still an important message - if not more so, in these difficult times.

So, why should we all support the small guys?

Quality – No question, this community have the skill and passion to beat the big brands for quality every time.
Taste – Better ingredients and less processing means these products are better for you and taste delicious.
Value – Artisan makers and small-scale growers are careful with money. No big marketing budget or big-company profit targets means your money pays for the quality of the product.
Economics – When we buy Irish food our money stays in the Irish economy. That way we all win!

If these reasons make sense to you, then…Take Ours Back To Yours!

For our part, we intend to make it as easy as we possibly can for you to find the products on our shelves.
We stock the largest range of Quality Irish Food in the country, it shares space with some big brand names but you’ll notice the small guys more now because they will have the ‘Take Ours Back To Yours’ logo on the shelf beside them; they’ll have a little talker on the shelf too, giving you valuable information, like; where it’s made & by whom and why exactly their product is so good. And every week we’ll keep up our schedule of Meet the Producer Events instore that allow you to not only sample the food but also to talk to the person who makes, bakes, smokes, grows, or cooks that great food.

We’ve highlighted many of this great food community on our website under the banner of ‘Food Heroes’ but happily it’s an ever evolving and growing list thanks to a surge in the number of small food enterprises in Ireland, so sign-up to our monthly newsletter here, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter #OursToYours and we’ll keep you informed of what’s new to, Take Back To Yours’….

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